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 California cities may now be Required to Keep 'Safe Parking Lots' open for Homeless Camps (2)

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California cities may now be Required to Keep 'Safe Parking Lots' open for Homeless Camps

If a new law passes the California state assembly major California cities will be required to keep and maintain "safe parking lots" for people who make their homes in cars and recreational vehicles.
Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are already struggling with unmanageable homelessness largely the result of longstanding left-leaning policies that prevent enforcing basic laws concerning things like public health and loitering.
The California state assembly however believes that the state's ever-increasing street communities are the result of a lack of affordable housing.

Leftist are struggling with the disaster they have created on the Blue Coast !!!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!
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Trash and poo in the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively. Typhus and Typhoid fever detected among homeless camps. So let's spread the diseases and hopefully create bubonic plague among the citizens.

Seems legit...

Meanwhile, create new laws to give illegals free housing. Because somehow, they deserve the best America has to offer. You couldn't find stories like this on the Twilight Zone.

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No problem. Just keep raising taxes.

Hollywood could make a reality show out of it.

California has become self-destructive.