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Can Christians lose their salvation?


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If a person can freely choose Christ as Lord, he could also freely reject him. I believe your verses are speaking to Christians who do not reject Christ.

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It depends on who's view and how you perceive time. To God time is meaningless, and he has never not known you, so no from that perspective.

From the perspective of time as WE know it, you could turn away I suppose.

I see it like a marriage. You can stay with someone quite a while before proving or deciding to not be loyal, but that begs to question, were you ever really loyal deep down? Were you only loyal before because you were never tempted to not be?

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Cocopops(343) Disputed
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You spew out the greatest load of drivel on this site.

To God time is meaningless''.

How do you know this?

Do you talk to God?

By what means does God compute time?

''From the perspective of time as we know it''.

What other kind of time is there?

Please explain in detail and give examples how this alternative measurement of time is calculated and where we can observe it being used in a practical application.

In your pompous arrogance you sit in judgement of the countless 1000s of those people who met someone who they loved more than their existing partner, and with whom they wanted to spend the rest of their lives.

That is their lives, not yours.

I'm fortunate insofar that I have been in a loving relationship for many years, but recognise that other people are different and have every right to live their lives as they so desire without sanctimonious judgmental filth like you using them to promote their lunatic ravings about some man made mumbo jumbo religion.

You are the vilest type of human being who calls on God as his first witness and hides behind the scriptures of the bible.

The Bible was the greatest book ever written but it has long since been superseded with scientific facts and the fanciful teachings of its scriptures have been eclipsed with the factual truths gained from the systemic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical world and the universe.

Side: No.