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yes he can make anything no, he can lift anything
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Can God create a rock that he can't lift?

could a being of infinate capabilities such as God create a rock that he would be unable to lift.

yes he can make anything

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no, he can lift anything

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First of all... this debate is hardly arguable. The all-powerful "God" that people believe can do anything. He can create a rock that he can't life... but as soon as he wants to lift it, he can. As long as he isn't attempting it, he can't move it. The power of God is infinite. This topic simply puts us in an unanswerable paradox.

But, he can make a rock that he cant lift... but he can change it to a rock he can lift whenever he wants.

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If you mean the eternal God then the question is not of the omnipotence of God. Rather, the question presupposes that God, as does man, irrationally thinks. There are many things God can't do such as: deny his own existence, he cannot commit a sin, he cannot irrationally think/reason, he cannot be unholy, he cannot murder, he cannot rob, he cannot commit adultery, he cannot worship another god, he cannot covet, and lastly and completely he cannot think or act contrary to his own attributes.

And like God, men neither think or act contrary to their own attributes and consequently shall always ask irrational and unlearned questions.

Side: A rational god
Fudo2(1) Disputed
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The lord is a jealous and avenging God. He takes vengeance on his foes and maintains his wrath against his enemies. This is shown in the bible.

Side: no he doesn't exist silly
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He can't lift that rock, he has no power to do so.

Because he cannot even lift the tree of 'dunno what is it called' that will eventually lure Adam to eat the apples of that tree. He might have the ability to lift anything but not everything because god cannot lift HIMSELF XD.

It's inpossible to lift yourself with two hands and noting else.

Side: yes he can make anything
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Lift is a function of gravity. All He would need to do is make an object that is the largest source of gravity in the universe. That object already exists somewhere. Does He do what He pleases? That is omnipotence.

Side: Have you heard of gravity
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Yes god can create a rock he cant lift but then he could use his powers to create something to lift the rock

Side: bolth
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The whole point of this question is to show a potential paradox with regards to an all-powerful god. It poses two incompatible scenarios against each other, a point I feel the creator of this debate is possibly missing.

By the very definition of the question in regards to the all-powerful property of god, the answer is that he can do neither. If he can make a rock but can't lift it, he is not all-powerful. Similarly if he can't make a rock that he himself can't lift, he is not all-powerful.

You simply can't be asked to pick between the two. It's the whole point of the question. I guess for that reason I'll go on the "no" side, but not for the reason that he can lift anything.

Side: no, he can lift anything
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the whole point of this debate is to create a parodox and see the replies it can't truely be answered but its a fun topic just like which came first the chicken or the egg it comes down to the arguments and the logic of the debate that is what makes it worth arguing obviously anyone who posts a coment has something to say otherwise they wouldn't post anything this is the point to see what people say to cope with a parodox

Side: Niether
iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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1. The chicken and egg debate has been answered irrufutably. Something other than a chicken, laid an egg whose descendant's became chickens... so the egg came first.

2. And this question too can truely be answered, watch it's easy... (no not here, I made it a separate arguement somewhere on this side.)

Side: no he cant
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Ignoring the lame categories, I'm just going to answer the question:

Can God create a rock that he can't lift?

No, he absolutely can't, and here's every reason in order of likelihood.

1. He doesn't exist, and no one who doesn't exist can make anything to be lifted.

2. He does exist, but his powers have been drastically overstated, and by "all powerful" they simply mean "very" powerful, the same way 1000 meant infinity in the Old Testament.

You see, "all powerful" is an oxymoron, it cannot by it's own nature exist since all encompasses everything, even things that don't exist, have never existed, and even things that could never exist. "All powerful" means greater in every possible and impossible way, than anything else real or imagined. So that we could even make up the question of a rock that an all powerful being created, then could or could not move (either way) proves beyond any doubt, that nothing anywhere could possibly be "all powerful."

so still, yeah, he can't lift it.

3. God is "all powerful." Thus a self-contradicting oxymoron, thus does not exist, thus, still cannot lift the imaginary rock.

Side: no he cant
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No, something that doesn't exist can't do anything, including creating rocks.

Side: no he doesn't exist silly
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I think because if he can't lift it he won't make it He has to carry it to make it

Side: no, he can lift anything