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Of course It can never be
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Can God forgive Satan?

Of course

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It can never be

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God loves human. If all human become one in asking God to forgive Satan. All will be in heaven including Satan himself.

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Does this mean that even I can be redeemed?

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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hahaha... what?

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i think he is able to forgive anyone and everyone even the devil himself may be able to repent lol

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Well, the bible says that god can forgive any transgression. (accept blasphemy against the holy spirit, whatever the ef that means)

And the story (not sure if this is biblical bs, or your normal word of mouth bs) is that the reason that satan is still kicking it is because god wants to give him a chance to change (think satan and sadam in South Park.)

That said, the toothfairy can't forgive the easterbunny, bigfoot can't forgive the Lochness(sp?) monster, santa can't forgive the leprachauns, and yes...

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It has been revealed to us that God can never forgive Satan and even it is in the prophecies. The Catholic Church will get mad!

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Yeah, Satan dised God.

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No because what he done to god was unacceptable so god will not forgive an evil person such as satan

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redawn(32) Disputed
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so if an adult child hurt its mother on purpose. . .say hacked off an arm. . .

realized the error of his ways. . .begged his mom for forgiveness and proved his devotion and change daily for the rest of her days. . .

on her death bed. . .would she forgive him?

I think chances are she would have forgiven him already.

Is God less than a mom?

I think not.

All things will go back to where it came like water will eventually all flow to the ocean. . .

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God will forgive Satan exactly 5 seconds before Team Asgard shows up, and Thor beats both of them to death with his hammer.

You have to love the Norse. :)

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