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Can The Chinaman Justify Himself Scientifically?

I doubt it.

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There is no way "our" Chinaman can justify himself ….. NO WAY! NONE! There is nothing "just" in him …. only "ify". Like "IF" he is a real person; "IF" he is human; "IF" he is somebody's lost soul that didn't quite make it to hell? Nothing JUST, only IFY ;-)

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Chinaman(2377) Clarified
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Democrats cannot justify if they are born a male or a female. The Party of the Gender Confused is owned by the Democrat Party.

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AlofRI(2844) Clarified
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Democrats don't TRY to justify if they are born male or female, that would be confusing. Equality is a thing in the Democratic Party, one is as good as the other … in the Democratic Party. We don't like to "confuse" the American people, unlike the Trumpsters. Equality … you should check it out sometime. It is kind of a deterrent to "pussy grabbing", which is kind'a …. unconstitutional, ya might say. ;-)

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You wouldn't knoww science if it excreted out from under your eyelids in the form of a liquid, solidified and then started tapdancing on your face.

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