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Can The Cleveland Browns make it to the Playoffs in the 2018 season?


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Yes of course. But they'll need to buy tickets like all the other regular Joe Shmoes because that's the only way they'll get in.

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Jogotskilz16(40) Disputed
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Dude can you ever give logical explanations for anything. Don't just comment just to comment actually try and add facts into an argument.

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Grenache(6053) Clarified
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I'm not a sports guy like you.

just go ahead and enjoy discussing sports with the other people in this thread.

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This is brilliant! I have nothing else to add to this argument, but it requires 50 characters, so enjoy.

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Okay so I am going to go against the popular vote right now only because I don't think the Browns are ready still. Their team is ALOT better now but I think Tyrod Taylor and the new Browns will get a 6-10 record maybe? Even that would be a major improvement for them. Browns just don't have the defensive power to make it past the teams in their division like the Ravens or Steelers. Their only hope would be wildcard and I just don't believe they are able to compete this year. In a year or two? Maybe.

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In order for the Browns to make it to the Playoffs, they have to beat a MINIMUM of 7 teams (that is the fewest number of wins that any team has had and still made it to playoffs). Let's look at their schedule for 2018 logically:

Giants - The giants have a great team. Browns DID beat them in '08, but that's a decade ago, and unless Jesus plays for the Browns, I doubt they have a chance.


Eagles - the Eagles just won the Super Bowl against the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. There's no way they would lose to the Browns unless every single one of their players were critically injured or otherwise out. The last time they beat them was in 1994.

Lions - With the new coach, the Lions may have a good season (assuming his allegations from 20 years ago don't keep him from coaching #TeamMattPatricia. Last time the Browns beat them was in '01, so I doubt it.

Steelers - Though it pains me to say this, the Steelers are still a really good team. However, they've lost to the Browns in '14 and '12, so it's possible. We'll assume this is a bad year and they beat the Steelers ONCE. That brings us to 2 possible wins for the season.

Saints - Saint's suck, so we'll estimate 3 Browns wins for the season by this point.

Jets - Browns haven't beaten the Jets since 2010... so I doubt it.

Raiders - I'll give this one a 50/50 chance. Let's say this gives us 4 wins for the season after playing the Raiders.

Ravens - They beat them in 2015, but I highly doubt they'll beat them in upcoming years. Espcially since the Ravens seems to get marginally better each year.

Chargers - Browns have only beat them 9 times. I'm going to say it's a no go.

Buccaneers - No. Browns haven't beat them in 8 years.

Steelers - I gave 1, but they won't beat the Steelers twice in a season.

Chiefs - 50/50 chance, so we'll say Browns win this one, which puts them at 5.

Falcons - They won't beat the Falcons. Atlanta is a great team.

Bengals - They'll win this one. We'll estimate 6.

Texans - No chance in hell.

Panthers - Not gonna happen.

Broncos - Another loss for the Browns.

Bengals - MAYBE this will be win number 7.

Ravens - Yeah... I doubt it, but this might happen to. Let's say that's 8.

A PERFECT SEASON FOR THE BROWNS WOULD EQUAL 8 WINS. So, technically they could make the playoffs, but only if EVERY OTHER TEAM sucks balls.

Just because a player was good in college doesn't mean they'll even be decent in the pros. Browns fans can't put all their eggs in Baker Mayfield's basket. The kid is great, but he's going to get his ass handed to him.

That being said, I love that Browns fans are loyal and there IS a SLIGHT probability that they MIGHT accidentally stumble their way into the Playoffs, but I highly doubt it.

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TheGodfather(3) Disputed
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Cleveland Browns 5 wins max. only possibly beating NY Giants, NY Jets, TB, Cin, Hou. May luck out and get a surprise win against Pitt

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Cleveland Browns 5 wins max. only possibly beating NY Giants, NY Jets, TB, Cin, Hou. May luck out and get a surprise win against Pitt

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