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He absolutely CAN Nahh, that's crazy, excon
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Can Trump launch a nuclear attack on anybody he wants all by himself?


Of course he can, and if necessary, he should.  That's why a soldier with the nuclear codes follows the president around everywhere he goes. If Trump orders the soldier to give him the codes, will the soldier obey?  Of course, he will.

Considering, IF enemy missiles are IN the air, and AIMED our way, Trump has about 30 minutes to fire back or lay down.  He doesn't have time to convene a panel or call anybody before he presses the button. 

It's hoped and expected, of course, that he wouldn't fire our missiles in jest or so that he can stay in power.  Do you share that hope?


He absolutely CAN

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Nahh, that's crazy, excon

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I don't think the nukes would actually fly but it would be very entertaining if he tried ;)

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Huh. Well, I was going to say that there's a wall of legal circumstances that a president has to clear before they can fire nukes, but apparently the President has unilateral authority to fire nukes at any time, any target, for any reason, according to the sources I'm seeing.

If it makes you feel better, Nixon gave the order to fire nukes on the Russians on multiple occasions, and the secret service told him "go to bed mister President, you're drunk". So there's some precedent.

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Nope. That is hyper-partisan, over the top speculation by the left designed to incite and inflame their minions.

Side: Nahh, that's crazy, excon