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Can Videogame Characters Feel Pain?/ Are we part of a videogame?

Games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. We love games that display such emotion to the player and we love depth that a character displays. But is the pain that they are feeling, real pain? And when i do think like that, it hurts my heart because what evil people are we to create a life of despair and guilt.

Yes in my perspective that is ain't real but who is to say that our life isn't made up of code as well? I believe in God but i also believe that life can be a code. Can we prove that we ourselves aren't made of codes? If we can't prove that ourselves aren't coded, then we can't say for sure that these videogame characters aren't feeling pain.

Videogames characters are made of up algorithms. Ok. But like i said, we can't argue that we aren't algorithms as well. If we can prove about what is real life, then we can determine if these characters can feel pain or not.

I honestly think i will get a lot of b.s. comments. If you are going to give me a b.s. comment i don't want to read it. You can still vote "no" i just don't want to read "are you f****** retarded?"

lol I feel like im wrong. And in my initial perspectives, videogame characters can't feel pain. They are made up of algorithms. But if we are made up of code as struggle to choose an answer.


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Current videogame characters can't feel pain.

However, we could be part of a videogame, or at least a simulated reality.

If computers develop to the extent that entire universes can be simulated, then it is very likely we are living in a simulated universe rather than the one actual universe.

But then again, what is "reality", which universe is the "real" one?

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The way i think about do we actually know that videogame characters can't feel pain.

My answer is that because they are made out of numbers. But if we are made out of numbers....and we do feel pain...who are we to say that videogame characters cannot feel pain.

This is a weird concept and i feel dumb talking about it.

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In a close perspective, i would have to say no. Videogame characters are technology. And even tho technology displays life, it can't have life. Maybe? I think of robots and i do think we can input a central nervous system in a robot so the robot can register pain.

Most of us would say no because even if we create a central nervous system for characters, it would be made of up codes. How can numbers register pain? But this is when my mind takes me to a wider perspective that makes me want to write this message on the "yes" side.

In a wider perspective, who are we to say that we aren't codes. We as humans. We can all disagree to what im saying because it doesn't make sense. We know we aren't codes because well....we just know. But are you sure? Who is to say that a higher being such as God just inputed a cd in his computer and playing us as a game. Don't bring up the topic of free will because you can never know if you have free will or not.

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Video game characters can portray pain. They can not actually feel pain. They are not living, breathing, feeling beings (reason why I didn't add "human", most of the characters I tend to play are not).

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In our perspective yes. But in a wider perspective, the answer could be different. For example, they are real in their own universe.

You said that they aren't living because they are not real. Because we created them so in our perspective, they aren't real. However, what if someone created us by code. To "them" we are fake as well.

you know what im saying?

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Video game is not real, therefore, characters are unable to feel pain.

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TheThinker(1712) Disputed
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How do you know that a videogame is not real? We can be in a videogame ourselves.

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Ya we are, just go outside and jump on front of a car see you'll respawn like in Halo;-)

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