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Can We Know If The Science In The Now is the Same Science applied in the past?

how do we know if the science today and the science in the past was the same? I mean, did F = ma billions of years ago?



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We can know, and in fact we are currently finding evidence that the laws of physics might be different in different parts of the universe right now. [ ]

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casper3912(1581) Disputed
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That doesn't mean scientific laws are not constant, just that there needs to be a theory like quantum theory to account for the failings of Newtonian theory because the scientific laws we know are not accurate in all situations.

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ryuukyuzo(607) Disputed
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If the laws of physics are not accurate in all situations, then they are not constant.

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Science is facts. When the facts are changed or rediscovered to be slightly different the science still remains the same, with the process, tests, and storage of the knowledge.

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