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Can a 3rd paty candidate win the Presidency?


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No and why

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Can a 3rd paty candidate win the Presidency?

Hello J:



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Should a 3rd Party Candidate win, the Presidency? Ues. Will they? Not likely, with the globalists, controlling all of the political Parties. I favor the complete abolition, of the political Party system, and to vote instead on Ideaology, and Issues.

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Hello FU:

Claiming "I am a centrist", plus calling God Yashuau gave you away.. How ya been? Can't remember your name but welcome back..


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Pench(268) Clarified
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That's no one less than nomshit who is ejecting diversionary flares out of his arse at regular intervals by way of calling God, Yashuau and making uncharacteristic spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Note how he spells all the big hard words Properly.

The man really is stark raving mad. A REAL FRUIT AND NUT CASE.

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No. Even if they were a serious challenger, getting 33%-ish of the electorates would move the vote to Congress who would pick the majority party's candidate. The 3rd party candidate would have to basically destroy both of their competitors within their own voting base. That'll never happen unless there were an epic event of some sort to piss off both parties' voters on a monumental scale.

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