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Can a nation progress in the wrong direction?


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Certainly. WE are progressing toward a Putin style oligarchy with a handful of billionaires in charge, controlling our government! The government that is SUPPOSED to be controlled BY THE PEOPLE! That doesn't say that "progressives" are controlling that movement, it's the Party of Trump and the TEA Party spin-offs of a couple of years ago that are progressing toward complete capitalistic control! (As in Russia)! Progressives want our democracy to progress, not those who are soaking up as much National Treasure as they can get by lobbying, by "salting" the SCOTUS, and allowing them to keep an inordinate amount OF that treasure. Citizens United and Trumps "Tax Bill" (for those rich, like himself) are the "tools of THAT trade"! He's not taking a salary?? He GAVE himself a salary with his own tax bill that easily eclipses the salary of previous Presidents, while he picks up hundreds of thousands from his "protection detail" every time he plays golf at his own properties! (The ones manned by his own army of illegals)! Remember when he said, to a group of his rich friends: "I just made you all a lot richer". He didn't include himself … verbally! Then there's the emoluments ……

Yep, the country can progress in the wrong direction …. with a little help from our POT! (Party of Trump)!

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