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Can a woman say no if a man is thirsty and demands her breast milk?

‘She can’t say no’: the Ugandan men demanding to be breastfed

A study is looking into the coercive practice in Uganda, amid calls for the government to address the issue


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In civilized western countries, the answer is, yes a woman can decide what does or does not happen to her body and there are plenty of laws to ensure her of her rights in this regard.

This disgusting habit is rife in many black African nations where the black males are free to molest their womanhood they can do pretty much as as they please.

Blackies are what blackies do.

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Sure she can. She isn't a cow. It's not on her to get him a drink or provide breast milk for him.

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NigerInnis(56) Disputed
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Sure she can. She isn't a cow. It's not on her to get him a drink or provide breast milk for him.

Then why do you not go after the governments defending the practice?

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Mint_tea(4608) Disputed
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If my government defended the man I would go after it. So are you? Defending her or him?

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Yes and no.

In certain situations yes a woman cannot say no to the man

For example, a woman breastfeeds her child in front of her HUSBAND and he asks her if he could drink it, then she cant say no, If a woman doesn't want her to be asked then she should do sexually arousing stuff privately NOT publicly as it naturally allure men. Back in the past hundreds of years women were either only allowed to breastfeed while alone in a room while another woman checks for somebody to look as to give the mother privacy

So my point is it will be the woman's choice whether she exposes herself or not

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