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He's dug a large hole. He's made a big stick.
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 He's dug a large hole. (1)
 He's made a big stick. (1)

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Can anyone honestly state that Biden hasn't worked hard since his inauguration?

Yes sirree Bob, Bungling Biden has been working tirelessly digging an enormous hole with the purpose of burying the American Nation.
In addition to conscientiously digging an infinitely large sepulchre Bungling Biden is very diligently devoting all his spare time away from his excavation project making an enormous stick with which to BEAT THE BACKS OF ALL AMERICANS. 

He's dug a large hole.

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He's made a big stick.

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''No greater love hath any man than he who lays down his nation's life for his own glorification.''

B B B Bungling B B B Biden with his fleet of Caterpillar 6090 F S excavators is bulldozing American Democracy into the ground along with anything which IS NOT *woke, radical-leftist, anti-white, anti-entrepreneurial, pro-Black, pro-mass-unregulated immigration and anti-American.

Bye-Bye America, it really was delightful knowing you, but you've screwed it all up.


Side: He's dug a large hole.
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Listening to Bungling Biden trying to make a speech is akin to paying a visit to a Canadian Dollarama Store, everything jumbled up and nothing worth more than a Canadian Dollar.

You'll have to dig faster there Biden.

The more you dig the faster your illegal immigrants cross the border.

Side: He's made a big stick.