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Can anyone show me a single error in the bible.

I promise no one will be banned from this debate for stating their views

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AND the sun doesnt revolve around the earth, the world never flooded, and mircales are impossible.

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Snakes can't talk.

Bats are not birds.

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Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil).

Magical fruit that tells someone what is good and bad.

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The mistranslation of the book of Paul that Christians have based their hatred of Homosexuals on

Wait, was my argument just deleted? Can't handle facts eh?

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I didn't delete any arguments.

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The Earth wasn't made in 6 days.

giverupper(247) Disputed
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Some could see that as an error.

But the earth was made a very long time ago, before humans were made, right?

Have you ever considered, that a 'day' billions of years ago could be more than 24 hours ? A day could be a million years by then. It is just a word.

The bible doesn't say that the earth was made in 144 hours - it says days, and for all we know a day could be .. billions of years.

We see really old people in the bible. I think the oldest one hit 972 years if I remember correctly.

Is it possible that a 'year' in the bible was shorter than the year we're familiar with?

Because in the bible time, people hadn't discovered that it takes the earth 365 to circle the sun, nor did they know that a day lasts 24 hours.

I believe the earth was made in billions of years, but those billions of years are described as 6 days in the bible.

Cuaroc(8827) Disputed
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Day lengths and year lengths don't change that drastically over 6000 years and I'm pretty sure the Egyptians had a general idea of year lengths by then

Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt. Lot would have went berserk if such a thing happened.

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The entire world can't be flooded.