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 Can gays be against gay marriage? (8)

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Can gays be against gay marriage?

I thought about this back in the "Caught being gay" days when Republicans would do stupid shit like fuck guys in public restrooms.

Here's the thing.  People would then call these Republicans "hypocritical".  Now, even though I laughed at when a guy who's so against gay marriage turned out to be gay... it still struck me as weird to call him a hypocrite.

The media was basically saying that Gays HAD to be for gay marriage.  That seems pretty wrong to me.  No one HAS to believe in something just because they're gay or black.  If you said a black HAD to believe in Affirmative Action, i would call you racist. 

In fact, the only way someone could be a hypocrite in this situation is if they got gay married...

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You can be hetero and be against marriage so I guess you can be gay and against gay marriage. I mean, what if you were a really horny gay person that wanted to do as many gay people as possible and not have to worry about the ramifications of an affair?

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My uncle was gay and he was against Gay Marriage until the day he died. So yes gays can be against gay marriage.

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Of course they can! The other beliefs they hold may interfere with gay marriage and it wouldn't be right for them if they went against those. That would be the height of hypocrisy.

Oh yes, has to watch and listen to those with the loudest voices in gay affairs when it comes to heterosexuals trying to impress upon others how wrong it is. They usually have some bones rattling around in their closets!

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Probably! I'm atheist and find myself being against atheists a lot around here!? Who the hell knows?

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they weren't hypocrites for the marriage part,

the were hypocrites for the being against gay sex part... since they were having gay sex

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they were against gay sex? maybe the TV reverends, but Larry Craig never talked about how gay sex should be banned...

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well yea they could be

it has nothing to do with being hypocritical its just that traditionally marriage is meant for a man and a woman who love each other (y 2 gay ppl who love each other have less right then 2 straight ppl who hate each other to get marriage i dont know) but the point is that if u were gay (u cant help being gay) and religious u would be against gay marriage (i guess...hypothetically...)

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Of course they can.

There are heterosexuals who are anti-marriage. There are heterosexuals who are anti-heterosexual-marriage yet pro-gay-marriage. There are all types of people.

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