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 Can it really be the end of the twinkie? (27)

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Can it really be the end of the twinkie?

Looks like the unions are ready to kill another (not so savoury) icon from US history!  Yes, that's right...The Hostess Twinkie.  You better go get your fix on 'cause it looks like the end!

Déjà vu of the movie Zombieland?

If this really happens, people won't be able to make things like this...

Or this?????

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They won't. The argument against twinkies themself is incredibly idiotic. As for the strike, the ones participating in it are fools, as the article states the company will go out of business if the strike continues, thus the workers will lose their jobs is such a thing happens.

The good news is that these things have a shelf life of like 1,000 years ;)

i hope not..... i love those things!!!! if they do go, i'll make a R.I.P video tribute on youtube.

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i know right i will so make an rip video on it too

i would soooooooooooo miss twinkies if they were gone

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Uh oh the Mayans might be right.

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They were... Obama was re-elected.

ha!!!!!! ha,ha..........


HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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I hope they don't do that! That would be dumb! I love twinkies!

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Fine by me... those things are gay as hell!

Cynical(1948) Disputed
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Good sir, twinkies have and [as long they never change the recipe] will always be delicious.

Hellno(17759) Disputed
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Meh? Squirt some liquor in them and maybe I'll have an use for 'em!

Its simple economics: high regulations + high costs + long strikes = bad for business.



The strikers refuse to take a 8% wage cut over the company being forced to provide health care for their workers, when the company goes out of business I hope they enjoy their 100% wage cuts...

I don't see why not.

Those bastards.

I remember when I was introduced to twinkies. It was actually on this site, on some archaic debate of mine. You kill the twinkie, then you're killing a young boy's memories. Memories of a product he's never seen, tasted or smelt. You evil sacks of shit.

Seriously. They are ending twinkies now, in 2012. What are we suppose to eat after the appocolsype.

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They're not Hostess, but they're still good.

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Hostess has stagnated, with no new products, and is loosing its market share. This results in reduced profits as costs rise, dropping profit margin below sustainability. Hostess must reduce manufacturing costs to stay in business as product pricing must remain competitive. The answer is to introduce a new product to excite sales, reduce operating costs, or improve productivity. The strike has helped Hostess make its decision on what must be done.

Look for a "White Knight" who will buy the brand name, fix the productivity problem, and sell the package for a profit.

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No, this isnt the end for a couple of reasons.

1. There are always going to be off-brands

2. Hostess, was bidding off thier company, so the highest bidder gets the company and thier rights. It may live on.

and 3. It doesnt matter the world is ending 12/21/12 11:11 PM

Side note: I hate twinkies, they are disgusting.

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i dont think they would, i mean they are just trying to make up excuses so more people will hear about them...even though i have never had one i have heard of them and they are really good:)

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Some company will buy the brand. It is far to established - sort of an ameerican icon

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...what's a twinkie?

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Hostess went bankrupt... again. So yes I do think this is the end of twinkie!

Twinkies are back at the supermarket and there are now even chocolate coated ones.