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 Can someone explain what the Middle East Problem is in a nut shell? (19)

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Can someone explain what the Middle East Problem is in a nut shell?

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OK, I watched the video and I get it now ; )

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"My god is better than yours"

"Let's see what my gun thinks"


"Ooh, opium and oil"

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That "lecture" was very biased in favour of Israel: "It's the Arab nations that are causing all the trouble. All Israel wants is peace. If those freaking terrorists would stop howling for Jewish blood, the whole problem would be solved."

Well... imagine if I walked into your home, put up a tent in your living room, and declared that from now on I and my family will live there. When you try to kick me out, I defend myself and say that all I want is the right to live in my tent peacefully. I doubt you'd be too happy. The Arabs aren't.

I'm not saying that the Israelis are wrong and should mass migrate away from the Middle East - I have some sympathy for both sides of the conflict. I'm just providing a tidbit of insight into the Arab point of view, which was sadly absent in the video.

What would be the point of a fair and balanced video on a debate site ;)

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That is quite true - I'm not criticising you for posting it up, but the guy who made the video for presenting a such a one-sided view.

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It's interesting that your video about the history of Israel makes no mention of the Balfour declaration. Why is that? Some people don't seem to realize that Palestine isn't just a piece of land, it is the Holy land for Muslims and Jews. Prior to the Balfour declaration, Palestine was a Muslim Dominated land under British control. The Brits decided that this land should be a Jewish state, it was then put under the control of Jewish leaders through acts of the British Government. This was followed by massive Jewish emigration. The Jews effectively displaced the Muslims that had been living in this region for thousands of years (at least since the Jewish exodus).

Why does your video not mention this?

Why does your video not mention this?

Because if it was fair and balanced, it wouldn't generate controvercy ;)

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And that video is retarded. It's just religion. Get rid of it and 99.9% of the wars are eliminated.

Cojo62(84) Disputed
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I don't disagree with you on the fact that religion has been the basis of many a bloody war (and a lot of it is just plain unjustifiable!) . . . but do you really think that if everyone were atheists it would be that much more peaceful?

Just look at the Stalinist regimes... the attempt for a "utopia", there is an estimated 250 million people dead (between 1900-1987) because of those ideas. The Stalinist Purges were the cause 61 million dead and Mao's Cultural Revolution ended up resulting in 70 million casualties because of atheistic ideals. Also if you look at china, you see atheists killing Christians and even atheists.

So how in the world do you come up with the idea that "Get rid of it and 99.9%"... where is your proof for that? . . . look at the evidence, people fight, whether atheist, religious... ect, ect, what have you . . . its a well known fact.

Peekaboo(704) Disputed
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Greed, hatred, and fear are the driving forces behind most conflicts, not religion per se. Religion is often a source of hatred, but so are many other ideologies, good and bad.