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Can two opposites work together?

Like liberals and conservatives compramising on some things, but not others? I say yes. People on both sides oppose the Patriot act for example. Some people want a government that is a mixture of both a democracy and a republic. You just compramise on some things, but not others. Please, if you are going to say that I am wrong, show me how. Thanks.


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Man and woman work quite well together some times...

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Some people want a government that is a mixture of both a democracy and a republic

The term republic and democratic are not opposite...

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Hellno thinks it is. .

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I doubt he does. The political parties are supposed to have opposing ideologies but a republic is very often democratic. The USA is a democratic republic.

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Hellno(17758) Disputed
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Just making shit up again? Please provide me with a link where I said a Democracy and a Republic were opposites.... if you can't, then shut the fuck up.

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Protons and electrons are attracted together...

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No, absolutely two opposites cannot work together. Both sides will offer proper services, and one side will be as winner and the other one will be in a weak position. For example, to put one vegan and one who is possessed with meat and charge them to campaign one of the lifestyles then it will become a mess between two sides which will pull the blanket over themselves.

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