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Nahhh All we need is a BIGGER wall
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Can we FIX immigration on our border, when the PROBLEM is in Central America?


The problem is the drug war, which created the cartels, who're turning Central America into a hell hole.   So, if we wanna stop our problem HERE, we've got to invade THERE. 


We could just END the drug war and that'll CRUSH the cartels..  You're welcome..



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All we need is a BIGGER wall

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We can't FIX the problem but we CAN "handle it". With some party co-operation, it would be easier. The party that thinks Jesus is on THEIR side would suddenly have to become Jesus-like and allow "sanctuary". Then we could probably get help from other countries and the United Nations to begin to clean out the gangs of Central America. We have a couple of other problems, like saving lives with enough vaccines and an economy to get under control first! Cooperation IS KEY. Trumpism would only make it worse, as well as inhumane.

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We could just END the drug war and that'll CRUSH the cartels..

you're absolutely correct, I've been saying the same thing for decades

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DrChamberlin(33) Clarified
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The cartels have far more to work with than just drugs. The whole covid lockdown stage here in the US, has given them a market for avocados and other forms of produce.

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Deal with wokeism and you're well on the way to solving the border crisis.

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Deal with wokeism and you're well on the way to solving the border crisis.

Shut the fuck up you repressed, corn-fed, science-denying patrio-fascist.

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Mongele(486) Disputed
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You don't know the first thing about wokeism you gonorrhea ridden Nazi bastard son of a diseased whore.

As I told you on many occasions, go and join the queue of your fellow SS Waffen dirty old men brigade waiting to fuck your foul smelling, diseased Ma.

Go on, fuck off.

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Mongele(486) Disputed
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Fascism is government control over a Nation's economy and over its private citizens.

I live in, and am a supporter of this Nation's democratic system of government and its free-market capitalist society.

You, you dirty little Neo-Nazi are the fascist on this site.

Fortunately due to your lunacy you're a harmless little fuck.

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We can't control what isn't controllable. We can't stop the problem at the border as it goes much deeper than that. There are too many issues going on in Mexico and Central America. We can't solve those problems, they need to solve the problem. It will take decades to affect change. So we should support efforts to fix it, but we need to be realistic.

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The United States has innumerable problems of its own to solve without importing countless 1000s more from the failed leftist regimes of Latin America.

The best way for the U.S., to handle the cartels is to put serious pressure on the governments of the countries where the drug barons operate and continue to tighten the vice-lock on their balls until they put their house in order.

''Only fools and horses'' still believe that America is in an economic position to assume the financial responsibility for the 100s of 1000s of nomads all crossing the border virtually without hindrance.

The once great United States of America is bankrupt.

In real terms the U.S., is broke, penniless, insolvent, financially ruined;- what is it about that that you dim-witted shit-heads don't understand?

The U.S., owes both China and Japan well over 1 trillion $ each and now has a national debt of around 28 trillion $.

The time for all Americans to wake up and face up to its ever spiralling out of control debt, ( which has been steadily increasing since 2008) IS NOW, FUCKING WELL NOW

You load of benighted morons with mad-dog's shit for brains spew out your left-wing drivel as though America was a thriving nation well able to solve the political, crime and humane problems of other countries when in reality the U.S., is classified as a financially failed state, just the same as its Latino neighbors, only with a lot more zeros.

You ridiculously ignorant half-wits are publishing complete bullshit making out that the national debt doesn't exist and we can do whatever it takes to solve all of South America's self-imposed utter mess.

I doubt Jesus Christ Super-Star himself could sort out this left-wing indued mess.


Side: All we need is a BIGGER wall

It's nowhere near as simple a solution as that.

You have people who're coming here from other places then just central America. You also have all other forms of immigration that seem to pull these people towards the US.

Destroying the cartels would just open a massive power vacuum, allowing for someone to just step right into their place.

We need to somehow encourage these other governments, to take control of their own responsibilities. As well as encourage these people to stay in their homelands, doing their best to build up their own communities.

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Mongele(486) Clarified
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Good points there, but the thread referred specifically to CENTRAL AMERICA.

Reference to illegal immigration problems from other geographical areas does not belong in this debate and should be dealt with under separate cover.

The illegal immigration problem posed by the failed states of Latin America can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it.

In management, as soon as a proposal is made to solve a problem or to advance the Company's fortunes, there will always be those who will present a host of negatives why and how it could not work, but as a rule they will not have any positive alternatives to offer, ONLY NEGATIVES.

The U.S., should ensure that any void created by the destruction of the cartels would only impact on their host nations.

The United States is well capable of keeping the filth where they belong.

All that has to happen when the caravans of the great unwashed, which will have been infiltrated by people traffickers and drug smugglers, is to ask them;- WHICH PART OF FUCK OFF DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?

What is needed is strong, decisive and determined leadership, not weak powder-puffs who will let their battle-plan be compromised by the;- but what if brigade.

If your Granny had had male genitalia she would have been you grandfather.

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@ Dr. Chamberlin;- Fight your wars one at a time

At the moment we're being overwhelmed by the invading hordes of Latin American economic refugees who, instead of remaining in their countries of origin and trying to improve their standard of living they take, what they perceive as the easy option and head for Biden's easy touch America where the handouts are great.


What is Biden and his loony lefties going to do when they run out of other people's money to squander on life's losers?

These illegal criminals are quitters who don't want to even try to make a better life for themselves in their homeland, but instead join Biden's dole queue.

If America is to survive Biden's economic disaster he, along with his mad-cap left-wing policies, and puppeteers must be ousted.

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