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Can we come to some kind of compromise?

I received an e-mail from CD that said, "We've been getting a lot of complaints lately from some of our top users about the debates that you have been creating."

So I created the following debate:

in order to see if we could all come to some kind of a compromise. But now it appears that some of you guys are thinking about starting a petition to vote me of this island as if I were the weakest link. Even though some of you have pointed out that the site has mechanisms in place to keep me at bay, like banning me from your debates, down voting me and ignoring my debates and arguments.

I'm just trying to have some fun here. What I consider fun, you consider annoying. There's a difference of opinion. This is a perfect opportunity to show tolerance. Lets brainstorm and come up with creative solutions to this impasse. At least lets come to some kind of understanding and compromise.

What say you?


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No, F*** you!

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Don't give in Joe. Some of us still appreciate your contribution

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If I'm counting right, there's two..

haha...Poor Joe

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Now, explain to me why anyone would downvote my previous argument.

Show yourself...

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no problem with a little fun, some people are way too serious

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I'm willing to compromise.

BTW, the "Turkey nuts" argument to the following debate was both funny and a real argument. Turkey nuts do exists and they do taste great and I find them funny. So, if you don't know what to "say to someone who answers a debate about the best part of Thanksgiving Dinner,food wise, is "The Nuts!"" say nothing at all. What_s_the_best_part_of_Thanksgiving

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I've heard of those!

Ok, Joe...

I, for one, have no problem with your..hmmm....goofy debates..

This site is sometimes taken way too seriously...

Your comments seem to be either good opinions, comic relief, or there is the occasional offensive comment.

The nuts thing, (wow, never expected to say that in a debate her) that was both a good opinion and comic relief. Wow.

I think what has happened here, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that you stepped on someones toes instead of just getting on their nerves. You made a couple of really..uh..personal comments, and now you are being eaten alive.

I really hate to say this but, join the club.. ;)

I sure can't say that I haven't been in your place...

Hope you get your compromise..I'm all for it..Then again, did it work for me?

All the best of luck...

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sparsely(496) Disputed
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What you fail to take into account is that this site is centered around debate, and those debates are point-based. When someone adds a bunch of comments everywhere on every side of every debate just to be saying something or getting attention, they throw off the numbers of the the degree that determining how the community feels about a particular debate/argument is rendered practically impossible.

It wouldn't be considered "just having fun" by eBay if someone bid on every auction, because it screws up the actual auction. This is no different.

If you just want to joke around and talk about current events & stuff, join a forum.

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Oh I stepped on some toes alright, but I stand by my comments.... All of them.

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So your answer to the email is to create YET ANOTHER self-centered useless debate? Just shut the fuck up already until you have something of substance to say.

Some people consider crank phone calls fun, and I agree, to an extent. They can be funny and amusing and a nice break from bill collectors, nosy relatives, and needy friends. However, if you constantly call the same person 10 times a day with inane bullshit, it's not "fun", it's borderline harassment and nobody is going to take to kindly to it.

I shouldn't waste so much of my time explaining your own behaviour to you. I think you can see it, you just want to flaunt your non-compliance then hop up on the cross when the community complains. Get fucked, people need the wood.

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Well, there appeared to be a problem and I'm trying to use this site's point based debates in order to determine how this community feels about this particular topic.

Perhaps you can point out debates/arguments I've written that you don't like and debates/arguments that you do like and I'll see what I can do.

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