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 Can we debate about topics not users? (13)

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Can we debate about topics not users?

It's been a long while since we've had any good, stirring debates on here, since most of the new debates are just crap about other users. Why can't we just stop talking about Nomenclature or excon or Brontoraptor or anybody? 
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Because they're fucking idiots and they can't engage in any real argument. All Nomenclature does is insult people, all excon does is call you an anti-semite and then say that jews are superior to everyone else, and all bronto does is post 50 replies to one argument to get as many points as possible.

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Hello P:

You're right... I'd much rather talk about ideas.. But, I will defend myself when I'm posted about.. I cannot explain the fascination some people have with my religion, or lack thereof..


Sasuke(108) Disputed
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A) You're not one of God's chosen people, you're a european with traces of Hebrew blood.

B) You openly stated that you think jews are superior to other people because they are smarter. That's just as bad as saying white people are superior to blacks because they're smarter.

C)You don't practice the religion and you aren't a Hebrew but you call yourself one of God's chosen people so that you can feel superior about yourself and call other people racist.

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That sounds like a great thing, more debating and less bitching.

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The Supreme and Ultimate Reality

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Why can't we just stop talking about Nomenclature or excon or Brontoraptor or anybody?

Because unfortunately the site is dominated by trolls who take the internet much too seriously and actually want to hurt the people they disagree with.

LRyuuzaki(51) Disputed
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So you don't take your views seriously? That figures since you constantly contradict yourself about free speech. Being on the internet doesn't make you any less stupid.

Antrim(1286) Disputed
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@ dumbertwo;- Yes sirree bob, and you, along with your imaginary friends are the biggest mother fucking pedophile troll on the site.

You've single-handedly dissolved any possibility of reasoned debated on this forum and in your blind arrogance have the audacity to accuse others of being trolls.

Stop fucking your slut mother and molesting childern and commit yourself to the nearest psychiatric clinic.