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 Can we mobilize a CreateDebate Army? (19)

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Can we mobilize a CreateDebate Army?

So, late last week I posted a feature debate asking for help spreading the word.  Ironically, longtime user ricedaragh made a great suggestion (which if I had been reading the artwork I was using to ask for help getting the word out might have just dawned on me as well).  He suggested mobilizing the CreateDebate Army (site users) to get the word out.  How, you might ask.  Easy!  We get someone to post a debate link (a quality one) to Reddit and then mobilize the CD army to vote it up.  Now, after looking at how many upvotes it might take to get something on the home page of Reddit, we may need to start someplace else.  Digg, would be my suggestion as the first place to start.  If we can get 150+ diggs on a debate, we can get to the home page.  if the debate is controvarsial enought, we may even be able to go after the groups affected by it to ask for their support.

Would you please show your support by posting a quick argument saying you will support a weekly CD Army mobilization?

We will need the following:

1. A good topic each week (and it should probably be posted to the feature debate section)

2. Someone to post it to Digg (and Reddit too)!

3. I will then send an email out with the link to Digg and Reddit so you can upvote the debate.

4. Each user will need at least one account with each service.

5. Each user will need to log into Digg and Reddit and upvote the debate.



ALSO, would everyone please go to stumbleupon, create a profile and "like" CreateDebate as one of their liked sites?

Thanks so much...Please let me know!



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2 points

I am in! Oh, wait...I guess you would expect this. Now how about you?

2 points

Just re-read there, "Long time user" makes me sound like a smackhead.

addltd(5133) Clarified
1 point

You are right...well established user of the site.

That is what I will change it to.

I don't mind man, It's funny, leave it .

1 point

I have accounts with these and am in. Now if we can just agree on a "good" debate. :)

1 point

Thank you! Our official Army headcount is now 2!

Ok, so my concept on agreement is that we rotate through all users who are "in" they get an assigned week. They choose to post a debate or an existing debate to promote. The army part come in now...everyone who is part of the army, and not assigned that week will follow suit and promote that debate. It may be tough for some to do, but it will be the best for keeping things clean...I think!

Well I'm obviously in, but it doesn't actually take that many upvotes to make the front page, it just takes a few 80-100 in certain time frame, I've had memes and shit I've made make the front page with less than 100 up-votes. I don't use it anymore but many people do.

Even if the debate isn't really good, as long as it's there someone will see it, if it doesn't get to the front page, there's still a lot of people in those subreddits, 20 or so upvotes from us will bring it to the the attention of others on there, I'm sure.

To be honest, even if the debates are shit, they might bring in people that wish to tear them apart.

1 point

Okey dokey... I already have a Digg account (if I can remember the password) But finding a quality debate may be a challenge... we all know it won't be coming from me.

1 point

You know I'm in :)

But when I tried to make a reddit account I got a page saying I broke reddit >.> Sooo.... Yeah. Don't know what to do with that lol

If we can get a debate worth sharing, I'm all for posting it around.

1 point

Latest count is 6. I guess it is a waiting game now to see if more can be convinced to join the cause!

1 point

Lucky number 7!

1 point

Sure, I'm in. Just to make sure though, certain debates would be made here and promoted on a third-party site, no?

addltd(5133) Clarified
1 point

Yes, we make the debates here, I would likely make it a featured debate as well. Then once it is created, one of the members posts it to Digg and Reddit. Once posted, we let everyone know it is there (with a link) and they go out and vote it up in both systems.

1 point

Why the hell not! I may not be the most active user, but I still follow along somewhat.

1 point

Well, we are up to 9! About 10% of the way there! Just a little further to go...

Hmm, I was debating whether it was worth my time, but sure, why not?

I'm in.

I'm surprised there isn't more interest to be honest .

I think there's probably a few reasons for that, tbh.

Firstly is that most of the established users (Joe, Prayerfails, etc) are a given. They'll "join the army", and they don't need to publicly declare it, because we all know they will.

Secondly is that a lot of established users have left in the past few months, or only sign in sporadically. So they won't take part. And some of the more sporadic members are probably quite disillusioned with the site now.

Finally, most of the newer members haven't been on long enough to really devote themselves to essentially spamming websites in order to publicize CD.

addltd(5133) Clarified
1 point

Why do you think that some of the longer term users are coming more sporadically? And, why do you think they are disillusioned? Often, summer takes its toll and people don't come as much...but they return in fall full strength.

Also, I specifically stated we wouldn't be spamming either of the sites, because we would be picking quality debates to post not just any old debate.

ricedaragh(2498) Clarified
1 point

spamming websites in order to publicize CD.

I personally don't regard it as spamming, given that these sites are made for sharing internet content. Nearly everything on them is a link to an "interesting" site or pointless meme.

1 point

Something must be working, the following debate- Technology_is_more_of_a_boon_than_a_bane_to_society_Do_you_agree

-Was only created 2 days ago, (counting from the time of this comment) but most of the users arguing in it are new accounts.

ricedaragh(2498) Clarified
1 point

I assumed that they were like a class or something, it seems peculiar, that all these people would sign up and only partake in the same debate.

addltd(5133) Clarified
1 point

They were from Singapore. The food thing is that some of these folks will stick around and be regular users.