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Can you 0bserve quantum particles without disturbing them?


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The famed quantum physicist Edwin Schroedinger said no, we cannot.

He illustrated that theory with his Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment, which told us that the moment we observe a quantum particle, it is forced to abandon its ability to occupy more than one position and state, and must settle to one specific finite position and spin.

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He illustrated that theory with his Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment

That's a contradiction in terms, you ego-charged buffoon. He can't illustrate the theory if the experiment is hypothetical.

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It would be more accurate to say that schrodinger's equation was the first equation that attempted to explain the relationship of our minds to the quantum nature of the universe.

But is necessary also to review the research of Neils Bohr, and his associates, also review Bell's Theorem. More recently experiments in quantum entanglement that seek to prove the inviolability of human consciousness are having incredible results but strangely and historically congruently, the sigma 5 results of these experiments are being ignored, probably because they go against the traditional notion of locality proposed by Einstein.

Recent results from experts in this field are coming into a new understanding and will soon lend themselves to a new understanding of the universe.

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