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You can ignore the Nazis U don't wear beanie in public
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You can ignore the Nazis

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U don't wear beanie in public

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Hootie(429) Disputed
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You've seen my DNA test haven't you?

Sigh... You honestly are unwell.

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

Customers are being charged up to £300 to learn whether they have links to famous people or societies despite the fact many of the tests are not backed up by scientific evidence, experts said.

The amount of DNA any individual inherits from relatives just a few steps up their family tree is negligible compared with the vast amount we all share from common ancestors.

It means any ancestral "history" identified by a simple genetic test is just one of dozens of possible interpretations, and to try to trace our lineage directly through our genes is "absurd", they claimed.

Side: U don't wear beanie in public
Rustikus(172) Disputed
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Jews have been surrounded by hate for 6,000 years, and we've survived quite well thank you..

Probably an eerie feeling to be a Jew that close to the antisemite capital of America.

Side: U don't wear beanie in public
HitlersAss(4) Disputed
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I will spank excon with a wooden pirates dick for being such a god damned juden

Side: You can ignore the Nazis
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