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Can you become so progressive that your ideas are dangerous?


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Of course. If you ever become so convinced of your own ideas you won't listen to other people's arguments, your ideas will make mistakes.

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Can you become so progressive that your ideas are dangerous?

Traditionally 'Progressive' ideas are dangerous in-them-of-themselves

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Take anything to the furthest extreme and it can be dangerous.

But hey, you know there's something even more dangerous. That's trying to label everyone further left of yourself as progressive. Because either a) they're going to believe it and then you've got a self fulfilling prophecy, or b) they're going to know it's not true and then have zero trust in almost everything your conservative extremism wants them to believe. Basically, instead of winning ground against progressives you lose ground to them and are left with only the fringe of the extreme conservatives already on your side before you opened your foolish mouth.

Not a smart play.

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This is arbitrary but I’m not sure how regressive polices create innovation or evolution. If all policies stay the same, there is no reaction to technological advance, or to abusers of the system.

If policy were to regress, it would serve only to return us to a more feudal period in history as a neat graphic could reveal to you.

The real question is what are the problems inherent of a system that does not evolve with it’s people, instead opting to drive society like cattle toward a singular purpose.

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Progressivism is itself "regressive". Explain to me how bringing burkas to the West is "progressive".

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NumberOne(445) Disputed
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Progressivism is itself "regressive"

This statement is particularly retarded, given that civilisation itself has continuously become more progressive as it has evolved. Indeed, to call progressivism regressive in the first place is just a gratuitous abuse of language where you accuse something of being its precise opposite.

Why even stop there, bronto? Why not accuse the north pole of being the south pole? Why not accuse albinos of being black? Why not accuse Hitler of being on the left?

Oh no wait, you already tried that one, right? Lol.

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