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Can you complete this question?

6x + 2y = 2
5x - 7y = 6 < Can you solve this?

It's the only GCSE algebra question I didn't get during my mock test! I honestly can't work it out. 

P.s. Don't use internet :L 

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wheres your winky face?

joecavalry(40086) Clarified
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; )

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Congratulations. I wouldn't have worked it out, so i'm glad it was just a mock :L

ChuckHades(3197) Clarified
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Edit: Ignore this .

joecavalry(40086) Clarified
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Yepp! Sadly I didn't get this is my mock. Better luck next time Jungel :L

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I can see x and y. No z? Or even more?

It was all very easy when I was still at school, 3-4 years ago. Now all of it is useless and seems to be forgotten because of that.

im pretty sure its -3, but idk

edit actually i think x is 4 and y is 2

well actually are you doing both of them or just the bottom one? do they have to be the same? because i dont think both equations can have the same xy

Jungelson(3959) Clarified
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Well thanks for trying. I don't know what the answer is. At the end of all this i'll go search it up :L

are you trying to do both the top and bottom seperately or do xy have to be same on both, if theyre seperate then the top 1 is x=3 y=-8 and the bottom one would be x=4 y=2

Both X and Y are 1/2. Do you require an explanation, or are we just bragging about how good we are at maths?

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Uh no, the top ones cant both be 1/2, that would leave you with 4

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Yeah i had no idea. Mr. Hades said that and I was sure of it. I was half way through writing a letter of congratulations when i thought, " Wait, what?!" But well done on getting that far :)

ChuckHades(3197) Clarified
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I posted my working out below, tell me where its wrong and I'll amend it to get another answer.

Jungelson(3959) Disputed
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Closest yet, but nope. I thought so but it isn't :L Keep trying.

ChuckHades(3197) Clarified
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Really? Hmm... I'll post my working out, tell me where it's wrong.


(6x+2y=2) = (6x=2-2y)





Simplifying the second equation

(5x - 7y = 6) = (-7y = 6-5x )





Finding X and Y


5/7(1/3-1/3y)= 26/21y = 13/21


(-13/21)/(26/21)= -1/2




1/3-1/3(-1/2) =1/2





I would like to know where I have gone wrong, seeing as that took me a good 30 minutes to type up.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. What can I say, being careless with positives and negatives cost me an A in Maths -__-

DOUBLE EDIT: That should say A star, asterisks don't stand alone on CD


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3x + y= 7

3x - y = 5 < Is another of the questions, The answer to this one is y is 1 and x is 2. This was one of the easier ones :L It's in the same fashion as the harder one.

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I hated this crap when I was in k-12 school.

Jungelson(3959) Clarified
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K-12?? Umm, me thinks is American?

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Yep. Kindergarten (start at 5 years old) - 12th grade (end usually at 18 years old). It's the required schooling.

I think the equivalent is Primary school? I could be wrong.

6x + 2y = 2

5x - 7y = 6

42x + 14y = 14

10x - 14y = 12

42x + 10x = 26

x = 0.5

3 +2y = 2

2y = -1

y = - 0.5


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OH 2y. I read it as Y=1. Specksavers :)

Jungelson(3959) Disputed
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So easy you got it wrong?!


OliverJDH(131) Disputed
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I'm afraid he actually got it right - see my working below for proof. Let me know if I've made any mistakes - but as an A level Further Maths student I'm going to arrogantly suppose I haven't. ; )

raptor22(106) Disputed
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This is a very very basic algebra problem. I learned this when I was 11-12.

jonathangoh(1724) Clarified
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What happened to you?

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For the question:

6x + 2y = 2

5x - 7y = 6

The solutions are:

x = 1/2

y = - 1/2

Sorry for repeating if anyone beat me to it.

OliverJDH(131) Clarified
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My working:

Rearrange 6x + 2y = 2

-> 2y = 2 - 6x

-> y = 1 - 3x

Substitute y = 1 - 3x into 5x - 7y = 6

-> 5x - 7(1-3x) = 5x - 7 + 21x = 6

-> 5x + 21x = 13

-> 26x = 13

-> x = 1/2

Substitute x = 1/2 into 6x + 2y

-> 3 + 2y = 2

-> 2y = -1

-> y = -1/2

Check by substituting x and y values into both original equations:

5(1/2) -7(-1/2) = 5/2 + 7/2 = 12/2 = 6 which is correct

6 (1/2) + 2(-1/2) = 6/2 - 2/2 = 3 - 1 = 2 which is correct

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To complete this, multiply the first equation by 7 and the bottom equation by 2 so as the two y's will cancel out. You will then be left with 52x=26 (after the two equations were combined) which will lead to the sum.of x being .5. Fill x in one equation as .5 and solve. You should be left with y=-.5

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The first problem I can figure it out by, possibly by using the GCF of both please ,its just a guess.