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Can you cook?

And what exactly does it mean to say you can cook?


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I can, but I tend not to.. .

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I guess it means you can follow the instructions on a recipe that go beyond "Tear lid halfway" and "Heat for 3½ minutes.

If this sounds snarky ( like many of my comments have been lately) it's not supposed to. I feel I can cook, because every now and then I prepare a meal for myself using raw foods that haven't been pre-cooked.

My favorites include:

-Potato base dishes.


-Cakes, pies, and pancakes.

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I can. I know how to cook a lot of things. When mom isnt in the house I often cook for me and my sister since she wont get up and do it herself.

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I can cook somethings that I know of.

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I can do tea, coffee and I'm really good in operating microwave.

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I can boil a mean pot of water. No one boils better than me..., no one ;)

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Everyone should I don't know what is wrong with people today depending on others to cook for them a lot of the time.

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I can cook a little bit. It might not taste too good but I can cook.

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I can but there is never food in the house because my dad buys groceries for one day every day, and never lets us go to the store. So i can, but i don't .

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I cook every day. I find it enjoyable some days. It's a way for me to relax. Plus I get to decide what my family eats.

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No! That's what women do. They belong in the kitchen. ;)

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