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 Can you figure out what this is? (11)

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Can you figure out what this is?

This video is from the middle east so the people are talking in their native tongue.  But the footage is curious because it does appear to be a cloud, yet, falls to the ground and does not evaporate in the three minutes or so of video.  The quality is not the greatest:

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I don't know but I think that guy was sticking his finger in it's ear.

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Yeah, I wonder how many expected it to swallow him whole and float back up? LOL

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Any Ideas? The only thing I can think of is that it has metal particles in that has weighted it down and kept it in form.

It might some strange chemical compound mixed together.

zzz time to read up on chemistry.

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Are they near the ocean? It could be a shit load of sea foam.

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Lies, watch very closely in the space between 26 and 31 seconds. You will see it is either being pushed up, or blown up in to the sky.

It was manufactured by people, blown in to the sky, and people taped it and pretended it was a cloud. Maybe some very fine cotton wool they blasted with helium :L

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And once it hit the ground, you can see on the edge bits of it wavering in the wind. Vapor does not do that :L besides that low down in those climates, no water vapor would retain it's form like that!


Kitk34(185) Clarified
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All quite possible except for the taping to the fence part because they would have had to splice the footage and it consistently stays on the "Cloud". But, yeah, whatever it is it is not fully natural at the least.

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It's like the fallen remnants of a bunch of cotton candy.

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Factory foam.

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All good possibilities and some on the comments section of the video even mentioned sea foam and cotton candy. I thought people here could have some fun with this.

Could be a by-product of climate geo-engineering; that was what got me thinking about some metal substance mixed with an actual cloud.

I do not believe it is caused by natural occurrences; at least, I have never heard of such things like this in my lifetime.

It's cotton candy. Whenever I see something and I'm not sure what it is, I assume it's candy.