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Can you help someone by doing 4 them what they can do 4 themselves?

Shut up Abe

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No, you can't

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Lol, so if you can mop your floor and I mop it for you does it not help you?


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RustysGoblin(97) Disputed
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Not really. I could have done it for myself. It didn't help you either. Looks like you just got screwed and used by someone who could have cleaned it without you.

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Wouldn't it make a much better and stronger country if everyone helped each other when they could? When we were a young country one person RARELY "raised a barn" though they COULD do it for themselves. The whole community pitched in! We've lost the comradery we had when America was great! We can't even work together in CONGRESS since the conservative "Contract with America" turned U.S. into TRIBES!

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It's very much like that give a man a fish, feed him for a day- teach a man to fish, feed him for life, kind of comment. You can help someone by teaching them to help themselves but first they must want to learn.

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