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 Can you imagine if Liberals were in control of America when Hitler was spreading his evil? (13)

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Can you imagine if Liberals were in control of America when Hitler was spreading his evil?

The Left is soft on crime and soft on dictators. Liberals are so mindnumbingly stupid, they actually believe that if we are simply polite to criminals and dictators, they will change their spots.

This is how Obama would have handled it when made aware of Hitler's atroscities toward Jews.
He first of all would not call them German nazi's because that would be demeaning lableing all Germans the same, and according to him would help encourage more recruitment of nazis.

Next he would tell Hitler not to cross that red line, all while Hitler is doing back flips over that red line. The Red line is no longer red from all the traffic.

He would be heard saying to Hitler on a hot mike that once elected, he could better accomodate his aggression.

Next he would say, we don't want to put boots on the grounds because I would rather our tax dollars go towards funding abortions, LGBT agendas, environmentl agendas, feminist agendas, forcing all pubic schools to allow so called transgender boys in girl's bathrooms, etc. etc.

Meanwhile, Germany gets the Atom bomb and destroys America along with the rest of the world. So much for those transgender bathrooms. The kids will be taught to speak German and forced to abort all non blued eyed, non white babies.

We are watching Europe implode from this same type of bleeding heart Liberal weakness, yet Democrats STILL NEVER LEARN!

If you vote for these extreme liberal politicians, what can I say, you are truly an idiot! We can't sugar coat that type of delusion. Our children's futures are at stake. This political correctness will be the death of America. The Left fixates on transforming America while the evil of the world expands.
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Yes, yes, but at least the left will fell good about themselves and their Nazi tolerance while the Nazis round them up and cast them alive into furnaces.

Sadly, the same thing will actually happen in reality soon enough, and there will be no "safe spaces" for anyone to go to escape the camps...

Atrag(5553) Disputed
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Why would they be burnt alive in furnaces? Every time you post you give away what a complete dunce you are haha.

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Drive by posts with no substance make you look like?...

A dunce.

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The U.S. didn't get directly involved in WWII until they were attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor. Also, Roosevelt was a democrat.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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I was hoping those who read the debate would understand I'm talking about Democrats TODAY, and not what they were that long ago.

The Party has been taken over by socialistic extremists in case you missed it.

WinstonC(1232) Disputed
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I'm not so sure the U.S. left wing are as against foreign intervention as they were ten years ago (think Libya and Syria). I personally don't agree with unprovoked foreign intervention unless another country clearly has designs on world conquest.

"The Party has been taken over by socialistic extremists in case you missed it."

See the problem with this is that the left paint the right as Nazis and I don't think either assertion is entirely accurate. Hillary for example was a mainstream left wing establishment corporate crony. While there is an alarming rise of socialistic identitarians they appear to be the minority, even though they clearly have some influence on the majority.

Get ready for the same rhetoric from those on the Left. They will say yeh, but Republicans are just as bad.

This is all they have because there is no excuse for what we are witnessing from Liberal ideology. All they will say is that the other side is just as bad. ROFLOL

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I can imagine Liberals being in charge when the modern equivalent of Hitler -- the American far right -- was spreading its evil. We have just had eight years of it. Your argument seems to be that only Satan can save us from The Devil. And for that reason it's stupid.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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What are you smoking? We just had eight years of the most Liberal proesident in our Life times (OBAMA).

He was the bleeding heart pacifist who allowed foreign policy to fall apart.

To call the Right as being the equivalent of Hitler deserves a ban. Bye

The US declared neutrality in world war two. We stayed out of the conflict for as long as we could. There wasn't outrage in the streets. US engagement in the war was widely unpopular on all parties. Mostly from christians.

outlaw60(15500) Clarified
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Really the US declared neutrality in WW2 ? That neutrality surely changed after the Pearl Harbor attack don't you think ?

pirateelfdog(2655) Clarified
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The war began two years before pearl harbor. What do you think the US was doing until then?

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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I'm talking about Liberals today!.................................................................