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They aren't biased! Wow, they're totally biased!
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Can you read this article and honestly say that FOX News is unbiased?

Read the following FOX News article about Rick Perry's recent campaign ad supporting America as a Christian nation and promising to end Obama's "war on religion". Now look me in the eye and tell me they're not totally biased. 

For those of you who haven't seen the ad, here's the link:

They aren't biased!

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Wow, they're totally biased!

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IT IS AN OPINION ARTICLE. OF course it is biased. All opinion articles are.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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... really? You don't think Fox is biased? When was the last time you saw an opinion piece published by Fox that was pro Obama?

You can have an opinion, but if you are going to call yourself "news" than you need to present multiple opinions.

Quotes like:

"The evidence of his White House attacking the Christian faith, however, is plentiful."

Without any attempt on Fox's part to provide a counter, frankly sane, view, is completely unworthy of any entity that wants to call itself news.

I know I know, MSNBC whine moan cry suck your thumb.

But MSNBC would never let this sort of article stand alone, it would acompany this type of article either with one which gave the opposing view, or far more likely they would not publish or repeat something so one-sided, and would opt to quote what the candidate said, than give two sides in response within the text.

That is the difference between news and propoganda.

Fox isn't even opinion news, it's propoganda.

The bigger problem is, because they call themselves "news" there are millions of brain dead idiots who believe the shit they spew.

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The article was entirely biased toward Christianity - especially at the end, where a quote from the Old Testament appears (Note that this cannot possibly be a Jewish reference, because it would not be called the Old Testament). While an argument stating that the government should not be controlling where individuals pray, or something of this nature, would have been entirely unbiased, one stating the government should not try and control where CHRISTIANS pray, where CHRISTIAN symbols go, and that like, is entirely biased.

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They ARE quite biased.

However the article you linked was an opinion article as opposed to an actual news article, so it may not be the best example.

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Every news station is biased towards whomever gives them the most funding... get over it.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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Get over it?

Do you not see how that corrupts the entire concept of "news"?

And how it would if left unchecked lead to complete and uncontrolled corruption and deceipt on part of the powerful and rich (those that "fund" news) at the expense of the masses?

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I mean it more as a waving it off that they are corrupt bastards and we all know this, not that I accepted it. And how do you know we are not already at that point? That they are not already manipulating everything with this? It sickens me as well that this is already happening.

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Honestly this isn't even the most biased thing they've done. It's Orwellian how Fox so blatantly uses Christianity as a bludgeon to push forth neo-con agendas that are at their core absolutely anti-everything that Jesus dude ever said. The really funny thing is, do you honestly think Fox as an entity is religious? Fuck no, they use how stupid most Christians are for their own gain.

I really got a kick out of this:

The Obama administration has used our military as a social engineering petri dish – pulling gay and lesbian soldiers out of the closet while pushing Christians back inside.

How small does your penis have to be to carry so much hatred for what others decide to do in bed?

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I don't even need to see the link. I already know they are 100% for the Republican party. Just look at the Fox news broadcasts of the whole Occupy Wall Street thing. They only picked to interview the people who looked like they had been hit with a mac truck, and were now half brain dead because of it. Then when faced with someone who actually knew what he or she was talking about, they would quickly cut away to something else.

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