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Can you really miss the obvious?

As the saying goes "one mised the obvious" it makes me wonder if what was missed was really obvious for it to have been missed. This brings to mind the idea of hiding in plain sight, a concsious attempt at avoding detection by not avoiding detection.

In short. If you missed it, was it obvious?


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If there are 10 people in a room and something is obvious to 7 or more of them, the other 3 can be said to have not seen the obvious.

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I would have to say yes.

You can if you throw darts at it. :)

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If we try to solve a logical puzzle of some kind, we might use half an hour before we get the answer. But as soon as we arrive at the answer, the answer really does look obvious. I don't think that really makes the answer quite obvious though. Sure, we can see that the answer is obviously true, but that doesn't mean that it was easy to derive the answer.

So there's a distinction between verifying a result and finding a result. This is essentially the P versus NP problem. If P = NP then it's just as easy (in some sense) to verify an answer as it is to solve the problem. Most mathematicians, however, agree that P isn't equal to NP. This means that just because we can easily verify the answer to the logic puzzle, doesn't mean that finding the answer is easy.

If what we mean by obvious is something that is easy to verify, then I think we can miss the obvious.

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Slengdu(121) Disputed
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You do realise that debating is an art, not a monologue. An artist must cater for the audience to be able to interpret the expression. All that was was a spew of pseudo-intellectual garbage entitled as a debate.

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Nebeling(1118) Clarified
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Define what it means for something to be pseudo-intellectual and then show me why I am being pseudo-intellectual and why this changes the validity of what I am saying.

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But a surveillance camera on a parking lot or inside a retail store can capture what was not obvious.

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