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 Can your Ex be your bestfriend? (13)

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Can your Ex be your bestfriend?

It is a question based on if the person you have been together and you broke up on one issue or the other can really be your best friend at all.
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My initial response would be no. Just from personal experience. But there are people who are able to go back to not only being friends but being besties again and more power to them. For me, we were best friends, then dated, then broke up and then were just regular friends...almost acquaintances. We never got back to be best friends though.

yah that is my take,and it is true that once you had a person,in life it can be very hard to cope up[ with them as friends

That is very true as long as they do not give you head ache of what they maybe up to.

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Maybe not, but, I consider my wife's "EX" a friend. He's the father of two of MY four daughters and I wouldn't keep him from them. I don't need to. I have nothing to be jealous about and, I hate jealousy anyway. So, "best friend", no, but a friend is a friend as long as they act like one.

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I think they certainly can, though it isn't likely, and it will be awkward for your future partners. Also be sure that you both actually only want to be best friends, as often feelings and desires remain.

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Yes of course they can. It's just rare. It takes both people being willing to make it work. After a break up there's usually one of them not willing to make any more effort.

When I was finally clear of my ex (of 17 years) I tried to stay friends for a couple reasons. We knew each other better than anyone. And she had wronged me, not the other way around, so she didn't really have any reason to be mad at me directly. And she had deep emotional and mental issues and I worried what would happen to her if I cut all ties. Yet, despite all those things, she was the one who insisted we couldn't be friends. And so life moved on.

Several times over the years that followed she tried to reestablish, saying she'd made a big mistake, but by then I was the one who wasn't willing to put in the effort.

If you are single then for sure. If you are with someone, your mate had better like them... a lot.

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I think it all really depends on how close you were before you dated. If you weren't close before you dated you aren't likely to be close after you break up but if you were already very close before you dated it's highly possible. Hypothetically, yes. But it really is just a case to case thing.

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They can be.

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I do not think so this is because this close relationship may lead to your partner doubting you.If this friend has a habit of calling at night so what will be the case in your house?

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may lead

if this friend has a habit

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He cannot be a best friend but some times he can be an adviser in some situations for you to take wise decisions as he knows a lot about you. Generally friendship would be the foundation for a relationship. Bringing back the relation into its previous position is impossible. It is same as one trying to bring back a broken glass into its original form.

Yes, nothing seems to prohibit you from doing so.

They can certainly be good friends. I wouldn't mind it much to be good friends with my ex, unless, of course, the issues leading to the breakup don't allow for even friendship.