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 Canada or France? (5)

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Canada or France?

A friend and I are having a big fight over what place is better. And so we thought we would let other people deside for us. So do you like Canada, or France better?

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Well... it depends on how you look at it...

When it comes to culture and history France definitely takes the cake. France has an amazingly colorful history that anyone can get lost in. From all their wars to their revolutions France certainly stands in the forefront of a lot of European history. When it comes to cuisine and art the French can't be beat. The only nation that even comes close is Italy.

Of course when it comes to politics Canada has the edge. Canada mirrors are system yet has a more liberal tendency to it so it is helpful in showing what could work in the USA.... plus they are economically intertwined with us which in an almost symbiotic relationship...

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The thing with France is that it would be a great place to live in if it weren't for all the French people living there ;)

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I've never been to either but I prefer Canada because the pictures of it are beautiful and it's close to Greenland and I'm a Greenland fanatic.

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It depends because they are both very good. Canada you can drive to if you live in the united states and France you can fly to.

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I will say France because of its history, the Eiffel Tower, and for all those nice bakeries.

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