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Should Canada change it's name to the United Provinces?

If America has to be the US & Britain has to be the UK then what if Canada became the United Provinces?


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Just because two major countries have names referring to their subdivisions doesn't mean all countries, or countries like/near them, have to do the same.

In fact, most countries have major subdivisions, Mexico has states, Ireland has counties, Australia has states and territories, but there's nothing saying that they have to be called by what makes them up.

There are perfectly good reasons why the USA and the UK are called their respective names, "America" alone is technically a very large region with many countries, so the United States of America places the United States within America. The UK is called what it is called because Britain is an island, England is a part of that island, and the entire country encompasses more than just England or Britain alone.

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Just because the states needs to point out they are united to the whole world(like we didnt already know that!!!), doesn't mean everyone else should do the same.

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Then why dont "The US" just change their name to America?

Then that will match the other countries.

Countries need to match.

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No, we have a real name now, Canada, as opposed to the United States which does not have a real name, they just have a couple of words that make no sense when it comes to identifying a country.

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