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A severely malnourished student who survived on just 2 yuan ($0.30, £0.20) per day for years to support her brother has died, Chinese media say.

Wu Huayan's plight shocked China when pictures of the young woman, who weighed just over 20kg (43lb), emerged last year.

She was admitted to hospital with breathing problems in October 2019.

Donations flooded in to help her recovery, but her brother told reporters she had died on Monday.

Ms Wu had told the Chongqing Morning Post that she turned to the media for help after watching her father and grandmother die because they had no money to pay for treatment.

"I don't want to experience that - to wait for death because of poverty," she said.

Her brother, who has not been named, told Beijing Youth Daily that she was just 24 when she died.

Doctors said last year that the third-year university student was suffering from heart and kidney problems as a result of five years spent eating minimal amounts of food.

Let me guess, Trumpites. She was lazy and didn't want to get a job, right? Too busy playing video games?


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