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Capitalism has done more harm than good

Sources please

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The real product of capitalism is greed, 15 million for a CEO. Need I say more.

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Capitalism has made it possible for me to make a nice salary ;)

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Core 2 Duo Processors

Modern Warfare 2

Left 4 Dead

Slap Chop

Billy Mayes's Career

Universal Studios


and much much more.

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Modern Warfare 2 is like crack......I can't stop playing and want to stay home from work so I can get my "Fix".

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I believe in the idea of capitalism. As I believe government should have as little as possible to do with private corporations. I don't believe in raising the taxes on the big corporations simply because they make alot of money. For the most part, they earned the money through operating a sufficient business, that You bought products through, that you love so much. The harmful aspect is that you get greedy corporations out there with under-paid employees while raking in millions of dollars. You always have to accept the good companies with the bad though. I can deal with a couple of greedy corporations as long as they keep pumping out quality products. So.....for me, they've done more good.


One thing I don't agree on is the whole "trickle down" effect. Giving corporations tax breaks doesn't mean raises for employees. When you have greedy corporations, it doesn't help the case. It could in theory provide the means for better quality products, in return requiring employees with more knowledge and experience. With that said.... You're fired because I'm hiring the guy with more knowledge and experience. I can bounce back and forth all night. Im kinda in the bi-polar stance on capitalism as you can see. There is no perfect system. I just prefer less government and more private control.

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