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Capitalism's hidden caste system

In the days of feudalism and monarchy, you could inherit land and power if you where born into nobility, and be forced to serve the nobility and be subject to them if you are not a noble.
In capitalism you can inherit wealth, which means you can buy your way into power and buy up all the land and resources. What has really changed? Not much.
We are still living under a well disguised feudal caste system. Only Socialism can save you from being a slave and a peasant.


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finger my ass hole

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I think the worst thing about capitalism is what it is turning people into. It rewards the self and so naturally the people who become successful at it are selfish. It encourages dishonesty and corruption by virtue of inflating the importance of self above all else, even the continuation of the species.

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I am legally blind, and have trouble reading small print, but I think it does depend on the issue whether I am a socialist or not. I prefer to call myself a centrist in any case. Peace.

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