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Career Women Make Bad Mothers


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I wasn't sure where to put this, because my opinion doesn't really fit in either camp due to the wording of the question, but oh well.

My Mother was a single Mother ever since I can remember. We had to live with my Grandparents, whom while I was growing up basically raised me, along with her of course. My mother was always there for me and was a terrific Mother, but if she had a partner and could have stayed home more, would she have been able to take a more active role in my life? Sure, probably.

However, my point is that if a couple has children, unless absolutely necessary for subsistence, one partner should stay home with the children. It shouldn't be automatically assumed that is the woman, mind you, hence why I had to debate where to put this. The father could do just as well, especially if the Woman is the one with the better paying job, as is the case in an increasing number of American households. Simply that one of the two should try and stay home and generally take the role of caring for the children. [Or Father&Father;, Mother&Mother;as the case may be, doesn't matter much either way.]

My life is a perfect example of a single Mother, with some help admittedly [ though we didn't always live with my Grandparents ], doing a wonderful job of raising me and being there for me. But having two parents, one of which can be the 'go-to parent' is the ideal situation.

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They don't have the time required to be there for their child 24/7.

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Children should always come first.

A raise in pay or a chance to sleep with the boss shouldn't come in the way of the well being of your children. No, money does not mean the child will have a better upbrining. Maybe more stable at times - but it's good for them to learn the hard way sometimes.

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brycer2012(1002) Disputed
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Some people can't afford to stay home from work. Many people need two paychecks to make it and as Saffron has already stated some moms are single so if they don't work then they won't have any money.

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Kinda(1649) Disputed
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Yes but I don't think that's career women.

Unless I've got my definition wrong - career women are those type in the secretary outfit pursuing the next highest salary at whatever cost.

Something like that.

If a career woman is a woman with a job... then my argument is invalid.

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Career men make bad partners in child-rearing.

It used to be said that men are married to work and women are married to family. Yet, even with more women in the workplace, most men have not become more involved in family life, to the detriment of their partners and their children. Should women need to stay at home only because men will not do their share around the house?

It seems that too many men are content with one job (and benefiting from their wife's income) while many women do two jobs, one outside the home and the other rearing kids, doing housework and caring for aging relatives. It's called "the Second Shift".

"In normal, modern two-career marriages, most men -- even those who talk equality -- do not really do much child rearing, cooking, cleaning, food shopping, or enough other chores to count." [1]

I'm looking for more recent figures, but for now, these are illustrative of the issue. In 1989, only 20% of couples surveyed, ranging from working class to upper middle class, split household tasks and child rearing equally. In 1987, a survey of national studies found that women spend 15 fewer hours at leisure each week than their husbands. In 1965, it was found that working women did three hours a day doing housework. Their husbands? 17 minutes. [2]

Even the men who had involuntarily had their hours reduced because of the financial slow-down did not help pick up the slack at home.

But wait. You aren't like that, are you guys? You do your share. In fact, you are a feminist!

Well, "one study showed that men who claim to support feminist ideas only do an average of four minutes more housework each day than traditional men with openly 'macho' belief systems." [5]

Oh ya, those guys. The four minute feminists.

Say, want a better sex life?

"Women Find Men Who Do Housework Attractive"

The majority of women, and quite a few of them mothers, work outside the home to help support themselves and their families. When a man doesn't help his partner with housework she often feels like he doesn't care about her. But women whose significant others help them with the housework report being less stressed and say that they find their partners more sexually attractive. [4]

Men who do more housework and child care have better sex lives and happier marriages. And the other guys? They just sit around bitching about how "Career Women Make Bad Mothers ", while doing nothing to be a better father and husband.


[2] ibid.




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My mom works and I think think that she does a great job at being a mother.

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Same as anything.

It would make some mothers bad mothers, some better mothers, some would be the same mother they would be without a career.

Just like a carreer man would sometimes be a bad dad, better dad, same sort of dad.

People like to confuse causes and effects.

However that said someone should be home when the kids are young,

whether it be dad, mom, or babysitter.

But this idea that a chick can't have a career is almost as antiquated as the word "chick."

Which is one of my favorite words so no I won't stop for any feminist who happens along here.

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I believe that those first five years of your child/parent relationship is vital to bonding.

Once a child begins school , they are basically taking their first initiation into society.

There is many men/father , woman/mother out there in the workforce.

It does not mean that they cant have an intimate relationship with their child.

However there is many career people who chose to be parents but then put their career as first priority over their children. Some children may know everything about their parent in regards to birth etc by the time they are grown but still have never intimately bonded with that parent . The same can apply with stay at home parents.

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It is stereotyping. There are plenty of career Mothers who insist on spending quality time with their children.

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