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 Carnivore = Heterosexual, Omnivore = Bi-Sexual, Vegetarian = Lesbian/Gay: (15)

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Carnivore = Heterosexual, Omnivore = Bi-Sexual, Vegetarian = Lesbian/Gay:

as the famous saying goes, "You are what you eat".... so it's true.

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Ah... I think you misunderstood the phrase. It has nothing to do with sexuality stereotypes.

The saying has nothing to do with sexuality, I personally believe you misinterpreted it greatly.

VenusEve(170) Disputed
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it is well understood that food and sexuality are not far off from being related.

why do you think fat women eat so many hot dogs?...;)


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Well I eat hot dogs whenever I have nothing else to eat though I have absolutely no want to take in homosexual relations with another person. I'm sure many others feel this way, unless you want to call the vast majority of us an exception. xD

I understand the sarcasm though.

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why do you think fat women eat so many hot dogs?

The correct question is, why do you think women who eat many hot dogs are fat?

Answer: because they eat many hot dogs.

See, cause and effect.

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I don't understand...

I take it this is supposed to be a joke, or a logical comparison, but I actually don't understand it O.o Well, I do up until the vegetarian part, anyhow...

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at least you have a sense of

the whole thing was sarcasm duh!

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The phrase has nothing to do with being carnivore or any sexual stereo type.

VenusEve(170) Disputed
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ever heard of sarcasm?

there is more than one way to analyze and argue and take things apart.

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So as a guy, eating meat makes me straight. Wait, what? It'd make sense if this were for females.

As a guy, eating cabbage should make me straight. Vegetarian = Heterosexual if male.