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Caucasians will disappear - Anyone Care!?

This is not a racist post.  It’s just fact that Caucasians will be outbread at current rate.  Is it bad to be sad that your race will not carry on?  Is it bad that some Caucasians want a “White State” like out in the NW area (where it’s mostly white anyway).

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So what

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This is not a racist post

Then was is? What about a post that only has one race chained to it?

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Actually, every "race" is disappearing. Slowly the world is becoming more "mixed" and therefore blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, you name it, are all disappearing and the only group that is going to grow and outnumber everyone else are "mixed race" people.

So we are all on the same boat. I think it's good to have some mixing and good to have some "same race" of both worlds. But with cloning pretty much here, we could always create any race we wanted if we felt there was a shortage of it and needed more lol.

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There is only a human race. All the various differences in appearances are not different races anyway. Nor do I think Caucasians will disappear anyway. There is still a whole lot of white on white breeding going on. It doesn't matter if a thousand years from now there are fewer who look like Caucasians do now. There will still be some.

Hey, do you think Pygmies are in a tither about disappearing? They're alot more rare than the Caucasians. I have yet to hear a Pygmy-supremacist arguing it's time to hold back the tide of Tallies or else the Pygmies are goners.

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What does it matter? All people will eventually vanish. Sandcastles to be taken by the high tide.

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You have a good point. I just think a lot o humans will die, but I don’t really think they all will totally be gone. But we may become cyborgs etc etc so race may not matter

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TzarPepe(792) Disputed
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When every human being has been swallowed up by the machine, even the machine will die.

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I think, eventually, with all the "interbreeding", ALL races will "thin out" and there will be few pure races left. That should be a good thing, just like all religions being minimized to an insignificant number of people. Not much left to fight about! Of course, we must survive long enough to get to those points. It's a shame, right now it doesn't look good. One majority mixed race and no religious conflict = the best chance of world peace.

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Yeah, maybe, probably. Does it really matter?


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At some point all humans will disappear from the earth, regardless of skin color. McCabe is out. When they take down a piece of filth like Andrew big things are afoot. The pizza lovers must be very nervous.

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