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Change the Way We Count!

We use the Decimal system in our every day life, but it has some serious practicality problems that always come up, such as dividing by 3 and even sometimes 4.

So why not change how we count to fix this?

That's exactly what Dozenal does. Dozenal adds two new digits, X ("dec") and  E ("el"). Just as 2 is a digit with the value of 2, X is a digit with the vaue of ten and E of eleven,

making the integers between 1 and 10 now...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 X E 10

Now how does this improve anything? The factors of Doe (our new 10) are now

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 10*

*(remember, 12 in Dozenal looks like 10 and is pronounced Doe)

as compared to Decimal

1 2 4 5 and 10

This makes division, multiplication, simple arithmetic, and time telling much more congruent and predictable.
Here's a good video example:



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The problem with this system is that it is unintuitive. All our number systems have either a physiological logic (base 60 uses our knuckles, base 10 our fingers, base 20 fingers and toes), or a simple logical basic (binary is on/off). Switching over would be incredibly impractical, difficult, and just not very useful. Besides, I like dividing by 5.

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Akulakhan(2973) Disputed
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It's intuitive because you were taught in base ten. You'd say the same of base twelve if you were raised with it instead. Besides, base twelve uses the segments of our fingers, save the thumbs. It'd be no less intuitive if taught to count that way in grade schools. I updated the video explaining so it actually works now, worth a watch.

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Conro(767) Disputed
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It could be learned, sure, but imagine how much of our society would have to change. Dates, signs, books, the Dewey Decimal System, clocks, computer systems especially (Y2K part 2), and the list goes on an on.

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I got my hopes up, and then I read this. This is a seriously terrible idea.

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Lol you pussy ;)

1-9 all the way.

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