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Sounds good! Not for me!
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Charlie Asks: What about Commuter Marriage?

a marriage between spouses who live apart, usually because of the locations of their Jobs, and who regularly travel to be together, as on weekends.

Sounds good!

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Not for me!

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Sounds iffy but hey, I'm all for it.


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A friend of mine parents are such, he works and lives in another town during the week and lives with the wife and his kids during the weekend. People's lives are their own, and if something like that works for a family then nothing bad can really be said about it, since the arrangement has no real inherent flaws.

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I like it! I have always had a difficult time getting along with anyone I ever lived with... I'm not a patient person and anyone that is around me a lot gets on my nerves... And it works out for me and Sunset pretty well as if she was always here, there would be no liquor left for me! LOL ;)

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Sounds like tghe sort of thing that comes out of those dating websites, two souls who "fall in love" enough to get married but can't be asked to live with one another. Sounds lime they just enjoy showing of the rings.

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