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That's how you get ignored

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Good way to turn others off

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The reality still hasn't sunk in with those slow on the uptake that as far as Bongos and the loony-leftists are concerned the only purpose which such events as the murder of George Floyd serves is an excuse to riot, STEAL and cause destruction.

If Chauvin had been hanged, drawn and quartered the Bongos and their anarchist loony-leftist cohorts would still go out rioting and wrecking.

Bongo is what Bongo does.

The other feature of American life which the mentally retarded and educationally subnormal cannot fathom is that rioting, murder/tribal warfare are all intrinsic characteristics on the Bongo's psyche'.

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Try to imagine what would be happening on the streets of our towns and cities had Chauvin received a more lenient sentence than he did.

There must have been 100s of 1000s of disappointed Bongos and radical-leftists when the verdicts and sentences on Chauvin were announced.

Justice was done, but to the mindless BONGO this is an irrelevant detail which shouldn't stop their perceived god-given right to thieve, riot and cause terrible destruction.

Reminder for the slow witted;- BONGO IS WHAT BONGO DOES.

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