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As you likely know, I am very skeptical of any claims to the existence of Chi as a real phenomena--as it is discussed in traditional martial arts. Now, that doesn't mean I do not think those who developed the concept were not on to something--they were. However, as I see it, it is not 'Chi', but how our body internally functions that they were discovering.

There are many techniques in DBZ where the fighter is 'center their Chi' when powering up, that IRL, would also work well--though for different reasons. For instance, static & dynamic tension is a phenomenal technique often depicted in the show, which most gym-goers do not use nor understand. Some do, as I have seen Michael Jai White (the actor/martial artist) use it properly before, however it is often overlooked. There is a lot more to this effect in the show (and traditional martial arts style/training/wisdom), however it is often overlooked or even mocked by stupid, ignorant people.


I agree with what you are saying--and yes, there is often a lot of wisdom from ancient people that is often dismissed (foolishly), due to the superficial packaging of it. As for electricity in relation to Chi, I think you are correct. Actually, we know now that the true source of peoples strength, speed, power, etc. is coming from their nervous system--not their muscles. People already have the potential for extreme strength, etc., however their joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc. are ill-equipped to keep up. That is why under extreme circumstances people are capable of 'super-human' feets of strength (actually, there is nothing 'super-human' about it--people just do not know how to train up to it and control it properly) however afterword they are often seriously injured; e.g. shoulder popped out, torn ligaments, muscles, etc.

This is also why people tend to have serious misconceptions about a one-to-one match up with peoples musculature and functional power/athletic ability. Many 'gym-rat' guys are very confused on this front--as they keep training their muscles while neglected to seriously train their nervous system; which is the true source of their strength (or lack thereof). Anyone familiar with martial arts, gymnastics, calisthentics, etc. would understand this on some level. Look at what chicks can do with gymnastics and no real muscular development. Or martial arts guys who look 'normal' but nonetheless are athletically impressive and posses high functional strength. Again, Callisthenic athletes are a good example of this.

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