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 Christian funeral home forced to cow to transgenders. (5)

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YeshuaBought(2441) pic

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And what do you think about normal people having to put up with your ridiculous kumbaya bullshit for the last two thousand years?

During which time your religion has killed literally more people than smallpox?

Let me guess. You're not so angry about that, right?

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Christian funeral home forced to cow to transgenders.

Hello Y:

First off, we're not talking about dead people.. We're talking about the employees of the funeral home.. Frankly, if and when I die, and they're digging a hole for me, I won't give a shit HOW they're dressed..


Factocracy(353) Disputed
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If you had to pick one or the other no matter what, would you side with radical right wing christians or communists?

AlofRI(2830) Clarified
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I would have to say NIETHER, I hate them both equally. Not "Christians, only the "radical, right wing thingys! ;-)

There's a fine line between the communists and todays Russian oligarchs … a VERY fine line! Between communists and socialists there's a much larger gap. I don't like any of them, but, there ARE "items" in both socialism AND capitalism that can be utilized to "create a more perfect union", face it!