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Christianity and liberalism

These days, the narrative prevalent in Western media, is aimed at increasing the ranking of certain buzzwords.
These buzzwords are a key factor for replacing proper thought process by an imitation of one, which is based upon hyped-up emotions and sensationalism
This in its turn helps achieve the main task of the media and the forces behind it: manufacture consent.
An important factor is the consent TTL: the manufactured pseudo-truths which most agree upon, must be either forgotten within a span of a few years (the oops factor, like we who knew Yugoslavia was fake, but lets move on and stuff), or replaced by even more insidious lies (the overtone window: gay rights turn trans rights turn no rights to parents). In Russia this is even more grotesquely retarded than in the West, although the perpetuated myths are a little bit different. The two propaganda systems work in a symbiosis, each being the perfect enemy for the other.
In this context, it is very important for the deep state to obfuscate the meaning of certain political terms. A lot of effort is directed specifically at that goal. Usually, both the left and the right engage in this. This creates a perfect cognitive chaos, thus making meaningful political discourse impossible.
One of those terms is 'liberalism'.
Historically, liberalism was the Christian answer to monarchy. Since all people are equal before God, then the concept of divine monarchs is unchristian and must be replaced. Therefore, everyone must have equal rights and freedoms. This can only be achieved if the laws of the land are based upon a constitution which declares these individual rights to be inalienable.
Since this is a universal definition, it cannot be based upon any local definition of human rights.
Therefore we can say that liberalism is a political doctrine which declares that the laws of the land must be aligned with universally accepted human rights and freedoms, and help endorse and promote those rights. International law knows two such lists: The UN Charter of Human Rights, and the European Convention on Human Rights.
These documents have almost nothing in common with the agenda of the so-called modern day 'liberalism': equality of results, positive discrimination, fourth wave feminism, gay marriage and freedom of gay grooming among children. All of these political agendas violate basic human rights in one way or another: feminism has cancelled the presumption of innocence, gay lobbyism has canceled free speech in some countries, the trans agenda is violating parent's rights, which are outlined in the Universal Declaration, and positive discrimination is violating almost every universally accepted human right and freedom.

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Another idiosyncratic dilemma is pinning liberalism against conservatism. In reality, these terms are not even in the same category: a liberal would be against any new agendas which are anti-liberal in nature, and thus can be a conservative.

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Christianity is already a liberal and open minded religion having some limits which should not be crossed. It is like, there is a country and a king is ruling it and everyone follows the rules of that king, just like that King is the God, this world is his kingdom or world and we have to follow his rules. My wife is a firm Christianity believer and she dress modestly according to what God has told us. She wears chiffon dress australia

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It's true. The old liberalism we knew was known as classical liberalism. It isn't in anyway supposed to be related to today's form of liberalism aka modern liberalism with the stupid retarded movements for unnatural things. It's just like democrats were never supposed to be so corrupted. Think of Kennedy's democrats, they weren't so corrupted but again, today's modern day democrats bring disgrace to those of the mid-60s during Kennedy's time. As for human rights, yeah, "trans rights" etc are nothing for human rights at all. In fact, it's all about self mutilation and uncontrolled sex plus propaganda to brainwash the youth. Parents have the absolute right to stop these movements. Common sense needs to return to society.

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In this context, it is very important for the deep state to obfuscate the meaning of certain political terms

Hello :

That was TOO long, and TOO complicated..

But, I did catch the above. Based on that, and that alone, you're batshit crazy..


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