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Challenge Debate: Christianity is not truth

I want to debate you on the existence of God and the validity of Christianity. I am of the scientific factpinion that Christianity is objectively wrong, so try to change my mind.


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But mein savior

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I have never seen you provide an actual argument for why you believe in God. After observing you it appears that your belief is entirely faith based, which is not surprising because faith is actually a virtue to the religious but when it comes to seeking objective knowledge about the truth only reason and evidence will suffice. Quoting the bible or appealing to human concepts such as morality and hope do not count, in order for a belief to be logical it must correlate directly to tangible facts about reality. In a sense, the very notion of having beliefs is illogical, because there can ultimately only be facts and non-truths at the end of the day.

So what actual reasons do you have for believing in Christianity that go beyond merely choosing to believe it or feeling that it answers some abstract philosophical dilemma?

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