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Christianity or Judaism?

Both religions have a lot of similarities, but the one thing that makes both of them differ is Jesus. Assuming one of them is the correct religion, which one is correct?


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First of all, the text describes many prophets who predicted Jesus as described in the New Testament, yet the Jews believe that Jesus hasn't come yet. Jews and Christians share the same set of books called the Old Testament if you're a Christian, or the Torah if you're a Jew. The problem lies in when the books were compiled. The Bible was compiled in 1611, and it contains the set of 66 books that the organizers at the time found to be divine. If Judaism is going to reject some books over others, then what grounds do they have to say that the Torah is or isn't divine? If the Bible is the word of God, then it should be consistent with other books that are also the word of God. The New Testament is full of references to the Old Testament, and Jesus even said that he came to fulfill the law, not destroy it. The point is, if Jews can dismiss a few books because they don't believe they are divine, then they are effectively destroying their own worldview.

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BrontoLite(759) Disputed
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I pick Christianity due to it fullfilling Judaism. Making a full on thesis of why might take a while. I used to do alot of religious debates on here but found them to be unfullfilling. You can make a rock solid argument to most Atheists, and they'll not be intellectual enough to even grasp the argument.

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I pick Christianity due to it fullfilling Judaism

I does fulfill Judaism but Jews don't want to accept that.

Making a full on thesis of why might take a while. I used to do alot of religious debates on here but found them to be unfullfilling.

Well, yeah, but I mostly wanted to see how Excon would react since he/she is a Jew supposedly.

You can make a rock solid argument to most Atheists, and they'll not be intellectual enough to even grasp the argument.

This honestly made me laugh. Not because it's stupid, but because it's so TRUE.

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That is correct. The Bible was just a lot of Books of the Apostles combined into one big book. From the Book of Genesis all the way to the Book of Revelations. Though there are some that are manly written such as the catholic doctrines made up. There were also many missing books like the Book of Moses. Other scriptures include the Book of Mormon and ofc Doctrines & Covenants. The Jews had denied Jesus was before them. Some of the ancient American natives even denied Jesus had come to ancient America. It wasn't just the Jews who denied Jesus as the Messiah. The Romans eventually killed all the Apostles, except John.

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Don't forget the Mountain Meadow Massacre lead by Mormons.

Supporting Evidence: Mountain Meadow Massacre (
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excon(18074) Disputed
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The point is, if Jews can dismiss a few books because they don't believe they are divine, then they are effectively destroying their own worldview.

Hello D:

Soooo, the Torah is around 6,000 years old... But, Jews MUST believe a book that was written 4,000 years later, or they can't believe the Torah...

Is that your belief???



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Soooo, the Torah is around 6,000 years old... But, Jews MUST believe a book that was written 4,000 years later, or they can't believe the Torah...

The Bible was not written 4,000 years after the Torah. The Bible was compiled in 1611, which means that it is a collection of 66 books that were written over a period of 1,600 years. The Old Testament, which is the portion of the Bible that is shared by both Christians and Jews, was written over a period of 1,000 years. So, the Jews have no reason to dismiss the Bible as divine simply because it was written after the Torah. And yes, you can't believe in part of the Bible, but not the entire thing, if you want to maintain a consistent worldview. Jews don't have to believe in the New Testament, but if they don't, they are effectively rejecting parts of their own holy text.

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John 14:6 Sayeth Jesus unto them: I AM the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE, no man cometh to the Father, but by me. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth, and believe in thine heart that Jesus is LORD, and God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 5:10 says we are saved by Jesus' Life, not by oiurs.

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Judaism denies the Christ, that was the whole point of the separation in the first place. Judaism is based only on worshipping the Father in Heaven and ofc adhered on the Old Testament teachings which is in an entirely different book for the Hebrews; The Torah.

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Jesus and Joseph Smith are heretics.

"Mainstream scholarship does not conclude the Book of Mormon is of an ancient origin and consider the book a creation by Smith"

Mormons sexually exploited the boy scouts and covered it up.

"On December 28, 2020, seven lawsuits were filed against the LDS Church for allegedly covering up decades of sexual abuse among its Boy Scouts of America (BSA) troops in Arizona."

Judaism is looking good.

Supporting Evidence: Criticism of Latter day saints. (
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Dr_Batman(1044) Disputed
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Your arguments are invalidated. Cope about it. Your misconceptions are what blinds you to the truth. Joseph Smith was the true Prophet of the Restoration and Jesus is the Messiah. He is still our Savior and He lives today. You have blasphemed and so it has been foretold that ignorant fools like you will be punished on that Day of Judgement. Cry me a river and get over it. God prevails and you have lost. Once again, wikipedia is not a reliable source and therefore your misconceptions are debunked, derailed and destroyed.

Latter-day Saints are the children of God. We are sons & daughters of God. We are disciples of God and we are not heretics. But you, an atheist, to judge so easily when you understand nothing, to proclaim you know more than God? You have been consumed by your hubris, pride, ignorance and arrogance. Your hypocrisy is exposed every time. My testimony stands unbroken. I testify Jesus is my Saviour and that He lives. I testify He is the Christ and is the living Son of God. I testify our Heavenly Father who is the God of Israel lives as well. For in the Latter-days, God will pour His spirit amongst His children. I testify the Book of Mormon is true and I testify the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored church upon this earth. I testify "sciencerules" does not have the truth within him because he has blasphemed more than once and i testify Joseph Smith was the true prophet of the Restoration. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

The only heretic I see, is you, "sciencerules" and like a typical catholic, you are no Christian nor believer in Christ. You are an ignorant atheist. Catholics don't like you either. Sucks for you doesn't it?

Knocks "sciencerules" out cold and places him once again in Death Row Prison for life

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Christianity began in the year 4004 B.C. It wasn't called Christianity, however, 4004 B.C is the year of creation itself. It was known as the Abrahamic Faith because Abraham was the first of many ancient Prophets who encountered God in the very beginning. 415 A.D is when the Roman Catholic Church began to instate their ministry on earth and it wasn't official until 590 A.D. Jesus wasn't born around that. He had already gone back to Heaven by that time. You clearly do not have the historical knowledge of Christianity in your mind. Therefore your arguments are invalid. Christianity began around 6000 years ago before Christ. 4004 B.C is the year of Creation. 4 B.C is the year that Christ was born. 4000 years later, we have an additional 2000 years without Christ on earth. Yes that includes the historical years you know from the time of Rome, to the Fall of Rome, to the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance, to the Colonial Age(1776, 4th of July, AMERICAN REVOLUTION. SEMPER FI HOOORAH!!), to the Enlightenment Age where stupid atheists decided to ban God but failed to(Oh yes, "very enlightening eh?"), to the Imperial Age, the Industrial Age and ofc the Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Christ, to the Civil War in America, to the Old West, to the Great Depression, WW1 and WW2, the Cold War, all the nasty sex cult movements, the Vietnam War etc etc etc, up until now. You have done zero research and instead rely on the false church that has been lying about when Christianity began. 415 A.D is around the time of Constantine, the eastern Roman Emperor. Christianity never began from Rome. Babylon was the old false religion that affected the world greatly, especially Persia, Egypt and Greece. Christianity was officially born within the 1st century. However, that does not exclude the other biblical events known as the Old Testament. Within the Old Testament, the One True Faith wasn't described as Christianity yet. Rather it was just about the God of Israel, the prophets and the tales we know to be true. The Old Testament is still followed by the followers of Judaism but they deny the New Testament. Yet both are important. The Old Testament years began from 4004 B.C until 4 B.C, the Birth of Christ. In 36 B.C, He dies and comes back after 3 days and then the year obviously became described as "After Death". The New Testament year began from 4 B.C. God still speaks to us today and ever since the Restoration, thanks to Joseph Smith, Revelations came to pass and continues to come true today. The label of "Christian" was given by the Romans and people all around because well, they were followers of Christ. The Roman Catholic Church as I've stated is not the true Church of Jesus Christ. There are many reasons behind why. The popes all proclaimed to be Jesus or God the Father when none of them were. Jesus spoke of many who would claim they believe but instead their actions speak louder than their words. The Roman Catholic Church was officially founded around after the time when the Western Roman Empire collapsed. The Roman Empire fell in 476 A.D. The Old Testament takes place in Israel not in Rome nor Greece yet. Only Egypt where the Israelites were enslaved by Ramesses II to build his pyramid of glory to the "gods" aka the ancient Babylonian deities or Sumerian deities which are all fashionably false. The year the false roman church was created was in the year, 590 C.E. The Rise of the Eastern Roman Empire was meant to "restore" Rome's old glory days but with Christianity added to it. Obviously, it didn't work. In the year 395 C.E aka 395 A.D, the Eastern Roman Empire was fully established. Approximately 70 years earlier, in 325 A.D, Constantine and the Councils of Nicaea decided to change the nature of God and thus wrote the unapproved man made doctrine of the "Trinity" aka the Nicene Creed. Yes, the Eastern Roman Empire aka Byzantine Empire became a "Christian Empire". But the Emperor allowed paganism to be mixed in. In other words, they screwed up books and historical records, attempting to change up things and to "play God". They were wrong to do so but kicked out all the actual believers in God and in Jesus who spoke this truth. The councils than wrongfully deified Jesus as the only God and put forth the Nicene Creed which is not proper doctrine for Christianity. it is still promoted by Catholics and Protestants today aka the big mainstream Christian communities put together. The true believers reject this man made doctrine for it perverts God and His Only Begotten, Jesus Christ. The God of Israel isn't interchangeable but Constantine made it so that God has "three forms" which is paganistic and inaccurate. It is a mockery of Judeo-Christian history as a whole. I have spoken absolute objective truths and will continue to debunk your subjective lies.

As ignorant as you are, you are unfit to debate on the absolute eternal truths of God. I have won this debate. Cry me a river and get over it.

When did the Byzantine Empire exist? The Byzantine Empire existed from approximately 395 CE—when the Roman Empire was split—to 1453. It became one of the leading civilizations in the world before falling to an Ottoman Turkish onslaught in the 15th century.

What is the Nicene Creed?

Nicene Creed, also called Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed, a Christian statement of faith that is the only ecumenical creed because it is accepted as authoritative by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and major Protestant churches. It was created in 325 A.D. Now, 395 A.D is when the Eastern Roman Empire officially becomes an Empire while before hand, Constantine had to go on conquest, conquering lands here and there, converting all the conquered peoples of various nations. Constantine than declared at one point in history that there is to be "One God, One Emperor, One Faith". But here's the thing. Constantine believed himself to be the "God of all time". He wasn't, neither was Alexander who loved the City of Babylon more than anything. He died there. Constantine was never even a true believer. He was a pagan beforehand and only converted so that he could "bring something new" to his people. Yet, historically, Christianity already existed way before he could walk and talk.

According to The Moody Handbook of Theology, the official beginning of the Roman Catholic church occurred in 590 CE, with Pope Gregory I. This time marked the consolidated of lands controlled by authority of the pope, and thus the church's power, into what would later be known as "the Papal States."

Evidence that the Roman church was not the original ministry of Jesus Christ:

People take that verse from the Bible about Jesus telling Peter that He will built His Church upon Peter out of context so much. You are included amongst those who assume the Roman Church is the true one while it is not. Paganism was never part of Christianity in the 1st Century.

"Christianity sold out around 415 AD with the horrible witch trial like murder of Hypatia. Like the radical Republican party who were liberal, Christianity got corrupted very early.

Winter is coming and I need to get ready. Expect less replies from me. Thank you for the in depth conversations."

Christianity was never sold out at 415 A.D. The Romans usurped the original ministry that was put on earth by Jesus Christ Himself. Republicans are not guilty nor corrupt, but like retarded democrats, you have fallen for their tricks and that's why you are toxic, subjective and invalid in all your claims. The Republicans will win in 2024. Trump did nothing wrong. The democrats have lost and yes, there was election fraud. Plus, the FBI were unjustified in raiding Trump's home. Their actions are in violation of the U.S Constitution. I don't give a rat's ass that winter's coming and that you just quoted a game of thrones line, you will expect no mercy from me and even if you don't reply, it will mean that I've won. This was no in depth conversation. This was me lecturing you how wrong and ignorant you are.

God prevails, Trumps wins. Batman wins, "sciencerules" has been lectured to the fullest. Continue this uphill battle and you will expect more defeats.

"Expect the unexpected because you are not going to win no matter what." - Dr. Batman

Once again, it is the romans who corrupted and "usurped control" over Christianity. It does not mean it belongs to them to change as they want. Yet the followers of the True Faith still stands in opposition to the false counterfeit "Christianity" that we have today led by "Rome". The pope is not God's messenger nor the prophet on earth. I speak absolute objective truths of God, the Gospel and pure facts of science and politics altogether. You have so far produced nothing but lies, lies, slander, slander an subjective opinions.

Jesus wasn't born in the common era of man. He was born around 6 BC to 4 BC and He died in the year 36 A.D. So yeah, His ministry, teachings, and disciples already existed. Like I said above, the Old Testament was before Jesus came to earth and was talking of Moses and Abraham primarily along with every other ancient Prophet of that time. In the Old Testament, it speaks of Sodom & Gomorrah, Lot's family etc etc. You may think this has ties to Judaism and yes, yes it does. The rebels who never listened to Moses attempted to worship a golden calf but they were stopped before they could go any further. So no, it isn't corruption that existed early on. It's that some people were always going to be doing wrong stuff that basically showed disobedience to the Lord. That's why the Flood happened in Noah's Ark. The wicked were wiped out and that's how God showed His rainbow saying, "I will never flood the earth again".

The corruption ONLY BEGAN when the Catholics aka Romans decided to take over because they had the resources and troops to wipe out nearly all the 12 Apostles of Christ. It's no wonder Jesus said, "You shall never believe, lest thou sees a miracle occur before your eyes."

Yes, Revelations is coming true every day! So no, corruption never existed within Christianity at the very beginning early on as you falsely claim. It happened within the middle when Christianity was totally fine. Catholics are certainly not the representatives of the One True Faith. They are the false prophets and false preachers that Jesus spoke about and it's deceived many, including yourself.

Sooner or later, maybe 2026, approximately 250 years after 1776, the Declaration of Independence Day, there will be a Second American Revolution, perhaps with the help of Canadian and British allied armed forces to take America back from Biden, who has seemingly become another "Mad King George III". Certainly, King Charles III is not George III. He is the son of Queen Elizabeth II and I do NOT THINK that he is a mad dictator! Queen Elizabeth II was loved and I pray to Almighty God that America is retaken not just by Americans, but also by the friends of America, Canadians & the good people of Britannia.

Side: Christianity

They’re both a bunch of bullshit! And the biggest bullshit of all time is the Catholic Church!

Side: Judaism
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Honestly, what's the point of being on this debate if you can't advocate for one or the other?

I clearly said: "Assuming one of them is correct"

If you can't assume that, then you have no place in this debate.

Side: Christianity

I'd go with Judaism since Jesus is more malevolent than the God of the Old Testament. There are two main reasons why the God of the New Testament is more evil.

Jesus is both too strict and too lax. Too strict in eternal damnation and burning. That didn't happen until the New Testament. This is the stuff of nightmares and child abuse, look up Religious Trauma Syndrome.

As for being too lax many interpret that if you believe in Jesus you go to Heaven. That's it, just belief in Jesus, nothing else required. Mass murder, torturer, rapist of innocents and believe in Jesus go to Heaven. Completely innocent and believe in Ganesha you burn for all eternity.

The God of the Old Testament, Judaism is just plain old more moral than Jesus.

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Dr_Batman(1044) Disputed
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Your arguments are all invalidated. Cope about it. You have zero knowledge on either topic so depart or get debunked and you will be destroyed once again by the truth and only the truth.

Side: Christianity

Christianity calls for the conversion of everyone. This is part of the main reason Christianity has done so much harm. I don't hear of Jewish people sending missionaries.

Side: Judaism

Christianity encourages chattel slavery by requiring slaves to cooperative. Moses' emancipation is looking good.

Supporting Evidence: Ephesians 6:5-7 (
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