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Christians: Answer this for me

Let's say Christianity is true. Let's say humans have found a new planet. If we go to a new planet what "rapture" would occur? Will Jesus even come back if we just left Earth?

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If the other planet has intelligent life, did Jesus die for them too?

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Maybe that planet is governed by another God. Most likely not, but anyways, maybe you have found a hole in Christianity.

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Jesus would still comeback for His people that went to a different planet.

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Well if we are assuming Christianity is true, I hardly believe that God wouldn't be able to sufficiently plan for it to happen.

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I'm not a christian... But I think Christ would feel lost!

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You nailed it right there, Christians would feel lost, and is the reason they are so deathly afraid of science, they are terrified that science might explain away there fables because then that would lead and logical sane person to question those briefs and collapse the religion as a whole.

The good news is there is no stopping scientific progress so in the end religions are doomed, humanity will one day outgrow the need to cling onto fables to explain things and move to a more rational approach to finding truth.

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Well if we are technologically advanced enough to find a new home on another planet I would surly hope we as a human spices would of by then outgrew of infancy and our need to cling onto bronze aged mythology to explain unexplained science, however if by some random act of bad luck we do bring that crap to our new home and it spreads I am sure the crazies would make up some new story about some God in need of ego stroking lol.

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